Germany Drops Its Support For ACTA

Germany Drops ACTA Support

A German representative has announced that the country is reconsidering its position on ACTA, and that for the moment it will not support the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, although it signed the early agreement last month. It’s well-known that 22 out of 27 countries in the European Union signed ACTA in January, however, since then several countries have announced their discontent with the bill, and dropped their support.

The most notable ACTA opposers are the Czech Republic and Poland, while Romania’s former Prime Minister said that he “doesn’t know why he signed ACTA” and the country’s new official will probably drop support for the proposed bill.

Latvia has also announced that will no longer support ACTA, and it’s waiting for another anti-piracy bill that will not have a negative effect on the country’s people.

Now that Germany has, too, decided to postpone its support for ACTA, it’s unclear whether the law will still pass.

ACTA was proposed by the US and Japan, however, it requires the support of the European Union in order to put an end to digital environment copyright infringement. The German government will look deeper into ACTA, but we’re pretty sure that the European nation decided to make such an announcement because thousands of people will protest across the country tomorrow.

Such protests are very worrying for government officials, and they’re definitely going to have an effect on other members of the EU Parliament.

After the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement got a lot of attention in the online world, several protests have been organized across several countries. The people have become aware of the danger that such a treaty implies, and they’re not going to take anything for granted.

As both SOPA and PIPA have been dropped in the US, there’s little chance for ACTA to go through in its current form.

In addition we have reasons to believe that if Germany drops its support for ACTA entirely, then other European Union countries will follow soon.

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