GTA 5 Release Date Is September 17th

GTA 5 Release Date

The plans from Rockstar for GTA V seems to be a little late, as the game will not hit stores this spring. Although most likely in a few months we’ll find official details about the new consoles, the studio has pushed the release date of Grand Theft Auto V until the fall.

The highly-anticipated game will hit stores as of September 17th on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Thus, the Rockstar North team will have more time to finish the city of Los Santos, which is expected to be bigger than all other cities from GTA games put together. This is probably more about the fact that there would be exploring the urban area, the area surrounding mountains, ocean and air space. The story will follow three characters, each of which can be controlled at any time.

It is obvious that Rockstar wants to push the limits of current consoles and it will probably be one of the last hits of the current generation of consoles. That delay of GTA 5 release date is really sad news, but considering how busy the first half of the year in terms of releases of games is might probably not  be that bad. Currently we do not know anything about the program launch in autumn and Grand Theft Auto V appears to be the first major title of this periods.

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