Hackers Compromise 12 Million Apple IDs, Retrieve Them From An FBI Laptop


A group of hackers called AntiSec has reportedly released a list that contains over 1 million Apple Unique Identifiers (UDIDs) which has been obtained from breaching an FBI computer. AntiSec claims that they have more than 12 million IDs, but also personal information like user names, notification tokens, device names, addresses and cell phone numbers.

The reason why the guys from AntiSec have published the UDID numbers is because they are trying to prove that the FBI is tracking citizens using the information from their mobile devices. They claim that there is enough information left for the users to search for their devices, even though much of the data has been trimmed.

If the hacking group is not lying about the FBI breach, the NCFTA acronym contained in the filename would probably stand for National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance. The NCFTA is a non-profit corporation consisting of specialists that usually investigate cyber-crimes. The experts are from the private as well as the public sector.

AntiSec, group which is affiliated to Anonymous, said that no other statements will be provided until Gawker posts a photo on its homepage with one of the staff members dressed  in a tutu. The website actually did that and if you visit gawker.com you will see a writer wearing a tutu and a shoe on his head.

On the other hand, the FBI released a statement which denies both issues. The bureau did not have the data in the first place nor one of its laptops got compromised.

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