Half Life 3 Release Date Is “After 2013,” Could Be Open-World

Half Life 3 Reelase Date

The latest Half Life 3 rumors are indicating that the game will allow us to explore more, as it will belong to the the open-world genre and that its release date has been set for “after 2013.”

A “trustworthy source” told the guys at Jurnaldugamer that Half Life 3 was “revived several times” and that Valve wants to launch the new game “after 2013.” The source also says that unlike its linear predecessors, Half Life 3 will be an open-world game that will include quests and NPCs.

It seems that the development process of Half Life 3 has been “chaotic,” which would justify the reason why Valve delayed the game. Rumor has it that in the early stages of the project, Half Life 3 was a simple shooter then it began to look more like a game centered on exploring and solving puzzles.

The fans have been waiting for a new Half Life for a while now and some of them started to write letters to Valve or even organize protests on Steam.

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