Master Chief Looks Amazing In The First Halo 4 Screenshots

Halo 4 Screenshots -Master Chief 01

Halo 4 is an upcoming Xbox 360 game that will be released by Microsoft this year. Although the details about the game are relatively scarce, the first Galo 4 screenshots have been leaked earlier today on the internet. Microsoft will hold an event later today where it will release more information about Halo 4, but it’s always nice to get some insights before an official announcement.

The Halo 4 screenshots have been leaked by, and they’re depicting the Master Chief holding a Halo Battle Rifle. Many were quick to say that the pictures were modified, however, Paul Featherstone said that they are 100 perfect untouched. The Assistant Direct of Photography at 343 Industries said that the pics were taken by him with a debug cam with in-engine depth of field.

343 Industries is the developer of Halo 4, fact which represents a premiere as all previous Halo games were developed by Bungie, the creator of the series. Microsoft decided that it would be about time for a Halo game to be developed by its own Halo franchise team.

Halo 4 is the best looking game on Xbox and any other consoles, said Corrinne Yu. The Principal Engine Programmer of Halo 4 said she is very proud of the team who built the game, and that it’s going to be major hit when it becomes available later this year.

The action in the game will take place soon after the Halo 3 events, and the Master Chief will return as the protagonist. 343 Industries confirmed that Cortana will be present in the game. The summary of the game says that Master Chief will “confront his own destiny” in the Halo 3 aftermath as an “ancient evil threatens the fate of the universe.”

Although it’s the eight installment of the Halo franchise, Halo 4 is the first game in a new trilogy. The game will be release during the holidays season of 2012. Meanwhile, check out the two screenshots and let us know what do you think about the Master Chief’s appearance.

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