How To Clear The Netflix Recently Watched History For Your Account

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Netflix is an on-demand Internet streaming service that is available in USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, UK and Ireland and it is one of the most popular digital distribution service that offers users the possibility to choose from hundreds of thousands of movies, TV series, reality shows, documentaries etc to watch online without the need of going to the store for a DVD. The total number of Netflix subscribers is situated at around 30 million worldwide. The service was launched in UK and Ireland at the beginning of 2012, but, that’s now why I’ve created this post, as it is mainly intended to help those of you who wish to remove and delete the recently watched history from your Netflix Account.

Netflix service offers you the possibility to use it via PC or DVD player that is connected to the Internet. You simply need to select and enter the titles you wish to view into the ‘Watch Now’ list, but this means that when you wish to remove some titles from the recently watches list you will have more work to do and this might prove to be tricky and that is why i’ve created this post, to teach you how to successfully clear the Recently Watched history from your Netflix account. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First log into your Netflix account.

  2. Now click the ‘Your Queue’ option and a new page should pop-up.

  3. Click on the ‘Instant’ tab that scroll down the page until you find the part where the instant list is shown.

  4. Find ‘Remove’ and after that simply click the X that is listed next to each movie title you wish to delete from the Recently Watched history list.

That’s it, these were all the steps that you had to follow in order to successfully remove the titles from your Netflix recently watched history and from now on you should be able to remember how to do it without the need of looking the web for a tutorial guide. This guide was easy to apply and remember that you can check back our website as here you can find guides and tutorials for almost anything computer, smartphone related. If you have any other questions please use the comments field to post all your questions.

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