How To Delete All Unused Files From Your Windows PC Hard Drive

Uninstall a Program

If you use Windows on your computer, you may know that you can delete or remove your unused files or applications, because you will save a lot of space. You can use this method because it is very easy to use and it is 100% fully working. If you want to know how to delete your unused apps and your unused files, read the following article to be able to save memory space on you computer.

Here are the complete guide for How To Delete All Unused Files From Your Windows PC Hard Drive:

  1. First, you must to press the Start button and then you must to select Control Panel.

  2. Then, you must to press the Programs tab and then select the Uninstall a Program tab. This is only for Windows 7 and Windows Vista users. If you use Windows XP you will receive a new window.

  3. Next, you must to search and select your desired application that you want to remove.

  4. Now, you must to click on the desired app and then you must to press the Uninstall button.

  5. You will receive an uninstall prompt, where you must press the Yes button.

  6. Finally, you must to repeat this operation for all unused programs that you want to delete.

  7. You must simply restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Now, you will be able to save a lot of space on your computer or on your laptop with a very easy method. If you have questions, don’t forget, you can type them in the comments area below.

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