How To Disable Or Enhance Google’s Google+ New Integration Feature

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As you might’ve noticed, Google has integrated the Google+ service all over your Google search results and they think that this is a step forward in their quest to establish the Google Plus as the number one social networking service. However not all users are excited about this change and that’s why in this article you will learn how to remove the Google+ integration from your Google search results. Alternatively, if you like the new addition by Google then you should continue to read this article as you will find info on how to improve and enhance the new Google+ experience.

The new Google+ feature has been labeled by California-based giant as the’Search, plus your World’. It can display personalized search results and content along with the most popular Google Plus web pages and, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t logged into your Plus account. Below you can find both, disable or improve, Google+ integration feature right from your Google search results page. First, you can learn how to disable and remove the feature; here’s how to do it:

How to disable the Google+ personalized search:

  1. Use a web browser to open and enter any term you like to search for. Now you should see personalized Google+ content displayed in the search results page.

  2. In the right upper side corner of the search results page you should see a gear-like icon. Click it.

  3. Select ‘Search Settings’ and then scroll down until you reach the ‘Personal results’ menu.

  4. Check the button that says ‘Do Not Use Personal Results’.

  5. Now you need to click ‘Save’ and all the changes you’ve made will be remembered the next time you start a new web search when using Google Search. Please note that if the cookies in your internet browse were disabled, then you need to enable them back ON because now Google can’t remember the new settings.

After the disabling action of Google+ integration, your web browser will still display from time to time the ‘People and pages on Google+’ sidebar and since this isn’t the most accurate social networking page you can choose to change by using ‘focus on the user’. Focus on the User is a great project that can be integrated in your integrated web browser and from then on you will be able to view content from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and others more. Here’s how to integrate Focus on the User feature in your browser:

  1. First thing that you need to do, is to enable the Bookmarks toolbar for your web browser. If you use Firefox you need to right click on the toolbar and select the ‘bookmarks bar’. For Chrome users click the wrench icon, select Bookmarks and then click on Show bookmarks bar.

  2. Go to Focus on the User project website and click the button that says ‘Try a more relevant Google’.

  3. Now drag and drop the link called ‘don’t be evil’ directly on the bookmarks bar.

  4. If you notice only Google+ results, then click on the ‘don’t be evil’ bookmarklet and then Google Search will display all the other social networking pages.

In case you wish hide all the Google+ notifications follow these steps:

  1. Download the browser extension that is named ‘Hide Google+ Notification’ for Chrome. For Firefox you need to use ‘Google Plus Notification Hider’ add-on.

  2. Install the extension and that should be all. Now neither Chrome nor Firefox will be displaying any more Google+ notifications.

That’s it, now you’ve learned how to both, disable and improve the Google+ integration feature in just a few easy steps. If you any more questions then please post them in ‘Comments’.

If you wish to get rid of anything that means Google+ features or any other Plus settings, then you should try and use Bing search engine.

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