How To Find Out If Office 2010 Is Activated and License Type

Microsoft Office 2010

Everybody knows that there are applications that can be used freely and other that need to be registered in order for the user to benefit from all the program’s features, this action needs to be done for the Microsoft Office 2010. If you bought the Microsoft Office 2010, you will need to register it if you want to use all of its features. You can activate entire Office 2010 suites or you can choose to activate single Office 2010 applications, this depends on the distribution channel that you used to but tour Office 2010 product. You can activate the Office 2010 with a Multiple Activation Key (MAK) or with Key Management Service (KMS), these are different from the serial key available from the retail version.

Because there are so many serial keys and activation methods used, users might get confused when trying to verify if the Microsoft Office 2010 software is activated or not. In this post i will tell you exactly how you can verify the status of your Microsoft Office 2010 activation and the type of channel that the Microsoft Office 2010 installation used for activation. Check the instructions below in order to be able to do that :

  1. Open a command prompt with administrator rights.

  2. Change the directory so that you get to the Office 14 folder. To do this you need to type in the following command line : cd\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 14 and press the Enter key when done. Please note that if you’re installing a 32bit (x86) version of the Microsoft Office 2010 on a 64bit(x64) Windows operating system, then you should use the following command line : cd \Program Files (x86)\ Microsoft Office\Office 14

  3. Now you need to type in this command line : cscript ospp.vbs/dstatus .

  4. Now you should see several lines. License Name and License Description stands for the license type of your installed Microsoft Office 2010 and the License Status tells you the activation status.

Office 2010 Activation Status

Office 2010 Activation Status

  • The text in the License Name how you’ve activated your Microsoft Office 2010 copy. If it says ‘KMS_Client edition’ it means that is a KMS activation. MAK edition stands for MAK activation.

  • The text after License Descriptions stands for the distribution and the type of licensing channel used for the download of Microsoft Office 2010 suites or applications. It might look something like ‘volume_kmsclient’ if it is a volume license or ‘Retail’ channel for the retail edition of Microsoft Office 2010 that you bought on a open market or grabbed from TechNet or MSDN.

  • If you see the text ‘LICENSED’ next to the License Status it means that your Microsoft Office 2010 is activated.

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010

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