How To Get Rid Of Hackers Using TeamViewer On Your PC


Although hacking sounds very cool, it isn’t that nice when it happens to you. And although most of the programs are protected in a way or another from hack attacks there are “doors” that with the right knowledge can be opened and making your computer opened to risk.

Such a program is TeamViewer, a software that although has a lot of great features suffers in the security compartment. This app allows remote hackers to gain control of your operating system. In order to detect such changes in your computer, you should look for modified browser start page, missing files, unsolicited pop-up advertisements and reduced system speed. In order to be sure you are not a victim of such a thing I recommend always having and updated antivirus software. But what happens if you are already infected with it and what are the steps necessary to remove the threat. This can be done in numerous ways.

1st way to do it is to press “Ctrl,” “Shift” and “Escape.” This will bring in front the task manager and all the processes that are running at that time in your computer. There are some processes that need to be ended. In order to do so click on “End Process” and select the following ones: TeamViewer_Service.exe and TeamViewer_Host.exe.  Now it is safe to close the task manager.

Now a more tricky part begins. This includes deleting files and also some dynamic link libraries also known as DLLs. 1st of all you start by clicking on “Start” and then typing “cmd” into the search field. Press “Enter” in order to open the Command Prompt. Now there are some commands that need to be typed. Be sure to press enter after each command and after finishing type “exit” and press the “Enter” key in order to close the Command Prompt:

regsvr32 /u tv.dll
del TeamViewer_Service.exe
del TeamViewer_Host.exe

Now let’s handle those registry entries that are a big problem. You start editing them by pressing on the “Start” button and then typing “regedit” in the search field. Again press “Enter” to open the Registry Editor. Now there are some registry entries that need to be deleted. If you are having difficulties into finding the right ones there is a search option in this part of Windows. Go to “Edit” and notice the “Find” option. Simply type these next registry names:

RUNNING PROGRAM\TeamViewer_Host.exe
RUNNING PROGRAM\TeamViewer_Service.exe
RUNNING PROGRAM\explorer.exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\TeamViewer 3
RUNNING PROGRAM\explorer.exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current\ControlSetServices\TeamViewer 3
RUNNING PROGRAM\TeamViewer_Host.exe
RUNNING PROGRAM\TeamViewer_Service.exe

Now simply close the registry editor. By doing all these actions I can assure you no hackers would ever have any ways to enter your computer again and mess with you. Also again I recommend always having the Windows 7 firewall updated and on and an Antivirus. These are not 100% guaranties of protection but they do help a lot.

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