How To Transfer Contacts From Your Computer To Your iPhone

iPhone Contacts

If until now you didn’t succeed in moving contacts between your computer and your iPhone, it might be because you didn’t find this post. So, I will try and guide through the process of transferring contacts to your iPhone and i hope that you managed to sync contacts.

For this process to be successful you’ll need to have Yahoo Addresses Book, Outlook Express, Windows Address Book or the Microsoft Outlook on a PC with iTunes 7.3 installed and if you’re a Mac owner you only need Mac OS X Address Book or Entourage.

See below the instructions that you need to follow in order to successfully transfer contacts from your computer to your iPhone :

STEP 1. If you’re a Mac user, skip this step.

If you’re a PC user you need to be sure that in Outlook you have the iTunes sync add-in enabled.

For Outlook 2003 :

  • Open Outlook and select Tools and then Options

  • Now, click Other and the choose Advanced Options

  • Choose the COM add-ins and select iTunes sync add-in and after that simply click OK

  • Now click Apply and get to the next step.

For Outlook 2007 :

  • Open Outlook and select Tools and click Trust Center

  • Now in Categories menu select the Add-ins

  • Now in the Details menu find the iTunes add-in i the ‘Inactive Application Add-ins’ list

  • Now go to Manage box and select COM Add-ins and click the Go button

  • Now in the COM Add-ins dialog box you have to select iTunes sync add-in.

  • Press OK and you’re done.

STEP 2. You have to connect the iPhone to your Mac / PC with its connecting cable and the iTunes application will start

STEP 3. Choose iPhone when the iTunes Source panel is displayed

STEP 4. Now you have to select the items you want to sync. Select the Info Tab in iTunes and after that perform the following actions :

  • For Mac users – choose the ‘Sync Address Book contacts’ or you can choose ‘ Sync Yahoo Address Book contacts’ if you need to sync the Yahoo contacts also.

  • For PC users – choose the ‘Sync contacts from’ and the select the Windows Address Book, Outlook or the Yahoo Address Book from the pop-up menu

Now, you have to select Configure when you want to change Yahoo ID or the password after you managed to sync. Select Configure and type the new login details.

By syncing your contacts between computer and iPhone, you might think that you’ll lose all contacts in the Yahoo Adress Book which have a messenger ID, but this is not the case, everything stays where it is. If you still awnt to remove a contact that has a Messenger ID, you will need to go to your Yahoo account and remove the contact in the Yahoo Address Book.

If you use a Mac after you select sync Address Book contacts with your iPhone, all address books you configure to be synced with .mac, like the ones in Entourage, automatically will synced with your iPhone. This being said, i hope that this guide helped you transfer contacts from Computer to your iPhone.

iPhone Contacts

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