How To Turn Off Speed Dial Feature In Opera Internet Browser


There are so many browsers available for users to use that I will not start writing them down. Among them, there are ones that although they try to offer great things there are some features that need to be disabled. We will speak in this case about Opera and one function in particularly: its Speed Dial option.

As you probably noticed, if you ever used Opera web browser, every time you go and open a new tab there is the same page opened again and again. We are talking about Speed Dial, a page that is opened by default. This Speed Dial will offer users quick and easy access to their favorite web locations. There are numerous things that can be customized about this, ranging from customized layout to even the background. With other words, the Speed Dial feature is in fact displaying snapshots of websites that you have placed every time a new tab is opened. The access will be done with a simple click and you will have a very “quick” link to every desired page.

But what happens to those users who like things simple and “white”. What happens to those users who just want every time they open a new tab just a blank white page? Well search no more if you are among them because the answer is here. It can be found in an option that can be located in the GUI which will tweak the browser in such a way that every time a new tab is open, a blank page will appear. The guide of turning off the Speed Dial feature is pretty simple and easy to follow:

  1. You will have to open the Opera browser. Inside simply type the following in the address bar and hit the Enter key.

  2. opera:config#UserPrefs|SpeedDialState

  3. Now notice that Opera Preferences Edit will be automatically opened to a preference named Speed Dial State. This will be located under the “User Prefs” section.

  4. You will have the option of changing the value of Speed Dial to two values. The 0 value will enable you to open the Speed Dial only when you need it. Also if you set the number to 3 you will permanently turn off Speed Dial and the new tab will open in fact a blank white page.

In fact there are more values of the Speed Dial state. This range from 0 to 3 and are:

  • 0: Folded (“Show speed dial” message)

  • 1: The Speed Dial is shown this being in fact the default value.

  • 2: This is a read only mode and the Speed Dial will always showed.

  • 3: With this the Speed Dial will be disabled.

And there you have it folks. From now on, every time you will open a new tab in Opera Browser a white page will appear. I, for once, although not using the Opera so often I like the Speed Dial function and always trying to integrated in other browsers to. But about this, we will discuss in a further “How To” article.

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