How To Update Your Nook Color To CyanogenMod 7


I have some great news for you gadget lovers, and especially for Nook Color owners because we have prepared for you a simple tutorial so explain how you can update your device with the CyanogenMod 7. The great news is that the new firmware brings functionality from Gingerbread 2.3.

First of all, before you start the process make sure to make a back-up of all your data on the device because it will delete contacts, SMS, pictures, movies, videos, etc while installing the new ROM. The best thing to do is to copy all your data on your SD card because the actual installation won’t affect it.

But to be absolutely sure, also make a back-up of the data in your computer or on a cloud-based service. Please DO NOT forget that by proceeding with the installation of the Cyanogen Mod 7 ROM by our method, you won’t lose the warranty.

Before you start the actual upgrading process, you have to install on your computer, the ClockwordMod Recovery application by following this steps:

  1. Download the image required for your SD ( depending on the size you have to download the appropriate file )  card from here.

  2. Second thing, download the Win 32 disk images, unzip and open it. Now, pay attention and find the drive and then the .img file. When you select the .img file select the ‘Write’ option, and click ‘Accept’ to start the process.

If you are a Mac owner, you have to do something a little bit different so be careful:

  1. Download the required files from here. Be careful to download the file suited for your SD card memory and again you have to find the .img file.

  2. Next thing to do is to open the terminal ( Applications => Utilities => Terminal ) and type ‘diskutillist’.

  3. Now type ‘diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk#’, after which you will be prompted a message showing ‘Unmount of all volumes on disk# was successful.

After you’ve finished unmounting the SD card, now you will have to delete everything on it ( after you made the BACKUP ). Now please copy the selected .img file to the SD card and type the command:

  • dd if=PathToYourImgFile of=/dev/disk# bs=1m

How to install Cyanogen Mod 7 in Nook Color:

  1. Now you have to download the latest CyanogenMod 7 file and copy it to your SD card. Another important app that you have to copy on the SD card is the Google Apps one. You can simply go to CM 7 Download Package for Nook Color, unzip the content and copy it on the SD card.

  2. Next thing to do is to shut down your device and insert the SD card on which you have installed the ClockworkMod. Once the Recovery is prompted, use the volume buttons.

  3. Now you will see some options, from which you will have to choose Wipe Data / Factory Reset. This will start the process and you will have to wait a couple of minutes before it finishes.

  4. Select Wipe Cache Partition to be sure that all cache has been deleted.

  5. After the cache is cleared, select the option ‘install zip from SD card’ and then simply select the Cyanogen Mod file. You will notice that the update process will start and after it finishes, you have to select the other zip file, which is the Google Apps file.

  6. Now go to ‘mount the storage’ => ‘unmount SD card’. After this remove the SD card from your device and restart it in the ClockworkMod recovery menu once again.

  7. Now simply select the ‘Reboot system now’ option, which will reboot your Nook Color with the latest Cyanogen Mod 7 version.

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