How to use BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on a PC using FIXmo


Sick of waiting for RIM to solve your BBM issues? FIXmo comes to aid your steps, as this small application allows you to port the BlackBerry Messenger on your PC. You are still going to need the usual BlackBerry phone, because this is not a standalone client, just a tweak that allows the use of a bigger screen, for the so-loved messenger. Basically, you are going to use the BBM from your PC’s desktop, without installing the program. All, at free of charge.

You must also know that the program we are going to install today, FIXmo, to use the BlackBerry Messenger on the PC, is still in the beta phase. That means some bugs are still unsolved, and you may stumble along the way. If so, all you have to do is submit your problems to the developers, with hopes of resolving them soon. When the full version releases, we will announce it right away. Until then, the public beta is the only solution.

As for RIM, their official words on a Windows / MAC OS X client for the BlackBerry Messenger are disappointing. They haven’t announced a future release, because when you BBM on the phone communicate using a PIN number. This PIN number is strapped with the phone, and the usual PC does not communicate with it. It seems the two just don’t communicate, in RIM’s eyes. Also, you can encounter these issues when tethering the BlackBerry. There are a couple of applications that can handle the job, but FIXmo is the closest to reality. Here’s how you can use it.



How to use the BlackBerry Messenger on a PC

  1. First, you need to download the mobile client of FIXmo. Save this file on the desktop, and then install it on your BlackBerry.

  2. On the phone, open the newly installed app and use your BBM account to log in. If you don’t have one, simply create it by entering the email address and a minimum 8 digit password.

  3. Click Connect.

  4. Hit this link and enter your login info.

  5. Once again, click Connect.

Note: The BlackBerry OS must be 4.6+ to be compatible with this application.

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