HTC To Hold Another Event In London On September 1st – Puccini Tablet And Ruby Phone In Sight?

HTC London Event

HTC is known for releasing a lot of official information and press statements through Facebook and there’s a good reason for that. The world’s largest social networking website now features 750 million users across the globe so the company gets a lot of exposure on Facebook. Well, the UK division of HTC has just started an event on Facebook and it’s inviting people to join the company in London on September 1st because a big announcement will take place.

The Taiwan-based company has made a lot of important announcements in London as an impressive number of devices have been officially revealed somewhere in London. HTC invites people to come and see what’s next in the company’s future, fact which suggests that it will unveil new smartphones like the Ruby, and new tablets like the Puccini which might be called Skyrocket in Europe, while its US counterpart will be named Jetstream.

We suspect that HTC is not going to mix up Android and Windows Phone 7 devices therefore only the former OS will steal the show at the London event, while the latter will most likely get a special press event one or two weeks later in order to avoid confusion.

This is not the first time HTC organizes an event through Facebook as the show when the Sensation was unveiled was also organized with the help of the biggest social network in the world. At the moment there are no hints about the devices that will be revealed so we cannot confirm anything just for the sake of it.

Anybody can register for the event through Facebook at the source link below. It’s very easy to get a seat at the event as you only have to click on “I’m Attending” though we’re sure that HTC is confirm to confirm your presence one way or another in order to avoid having empty seats in two weeks time in London.

Let me know if you’re attending HTC’s event on September 1st in London using the comments section below!

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