How To Install Jupiter App On Ubuntu


Most of you guys who have Ubuntu as an OS on their computers already have heard and maybe already used the free utility named Jupiter. With this little app, the user has the possibility to adjust a computer’s power-saving profiles, disable or enable devices and adjust your screen settings. When it comes to adjusting things around your working/playing environment this is a must have in my eyes. At the beginning this was released as a part of the Eeebuntu distribution for ASUS Eee PCs but it’s good to know that Jupiter supports any computer running Ubuntu.

With this little utility you will have at your disposal a menu change where there will be present the ability to make different configurations from your notification area. From the same developer also comes an Eee PC support package that offers additional performance tuning featured for all Eee PC netbooks. Here are the steps needed to be followed in order to get things going:

  1. You start by browsing to the Jupiter project website at There among other things will also be a download page. Search for the files and start downloading.

  2. Just click on the most recent “.deb” file download link. This action will make the Jupiter DEB package to be downloaded. But if you have already an Eee PC you just need to click on the latest “Jupiter-support-eee” DEB file to download additional Jupiter features for your computer.

  3. With a double click on the downloaded Jupiter .deb file that was probably downloaded on your desktop you will open the Package Installer window.

  4. Now just click on the “Install Package” button. Here a password will be required. Just type in your password and start installing the Jupiter package in your computer. A good thing is the fact that Ubuntu was built in such a way that it downloads automatically and also installs all the dependencies it requires.

  5. Last but not least, double click on the “Jupiter-support-eee” .deb file and then click on the “Install Package” button. This action will begin installing the Eee PC support package if you have an Eee PC.

Basically that is the entire process. There are also a few other things that I would pin point. Like for example the option to open Jupiter by clicking on the “Jupiter” shortcut in your Applications menu. There are also ways to do this even if using an older version of Ubuntu desktop. The shortcut for this app can be found like others under “System Tools” in the Applications menu. When the app is running you can notice that Jupiter’s lightning-bolt icon appears in your notification. Other great features for it include fast usage and also an easy way to solve things in the minimum amount of time.

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