iPhone 5 To Become The First iOS Device With A New Dock Connector?

iPhone 4S dock connector

The new trend in the telecom industry is to develop and launch slimmer and slimmer products. When first introduced, the iPhone 4 became the slimmest smartphone on the market, but soon after the competition launched devices like Samsung Galaxy S II and Motorola RAZR which were thinner than Apple’s device.

According to some information coming from iMore, the famous Apple 30-pin USB connector might become history once iPhone 5 hits the market, as the Cupertino-based company has new, smaller dock connector on their working table.

Rumor has it that the new dock connector will not be MicroUSB anymore (because of the small data transfer speeds) nor Thunderbolt (because this technology is not compatible with all the computers). Maybe it will be a whole new dock connector which would probably come with even more compatibility issues than the current one. But why would Apple want to change their current connector with a smaller one? The answer is simple: because it occupies to much of the iPhone / iPod Touch case room.

It seems that Apple is not happy at all with their current 30-pin dock connector, although the company is using it on their devices for more than a decade, and they are working hard to develop a new, smaller port.

For the future iPhone models, replacing the current dock connector with a smaller one would represent a change similar to the MicroSIM, as the room left empty by the old port might be used for other purposes, like including a higher-capacity battery or a 4G LTE-compatible chip.

For the time being no one outside Apple knows when a device using the new dock connector will hit the market, but rumor has it that iPhone 5 will be the first terminal to feature the new, smaller port.

Early rumors say that iPhone 5 will be introduced sometime in September or October 2012 and not during the summer as Apple accustomed us. As you probably know, the Cupertino-based company launched their iPhone device in the summer, but starting the iPhone 4S (announced in October 2011) Apple will use the fall as the new time-frame for the new iPhone range products.

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