iPhone 5 Specs To Include Bigger Display, 4G, 8MP Cam, And Apple A5 CPU

iPhone 5 Picture

iPhone 5, iPhone 5, iPhone 5; these seems to be the words that makes the discussions between the American analysts and sources inside the Apple’s partner companies, involved in the production of the nex-gen iPhone device.

Earlier today we talked about the iPhone 5 release date in Canada, information which was provided by a source inside Apple. Some leaked information say that the Cupertino-based company have already started to send iPhone 5 prototypes to carriers in order to get tested for the upcoming launch.

An American analyst claims he has new details about the next-gen iPhone device. The information come from a source inside one of the companies involved in the production of new Apple smartphone, and it confirms the rumors regarding the design of the new iPhone 5.

It seems that the handset has a larger display, will be thinner and lighter than iPhone 4, and will be featuring the same A5 chipset as iPad 2. The new iPhone will have a thinner bezel, but the edges will probably have the same dimensions.

The American analyst claims that iPhone 5 will represent an important update for the Apple’s smartphone line-up and I personally find this as normal as possible, considering that the new device will come over one year later than iPhone 4.

All the details offered by Shaw Wu analyst from Sterne Agee, come to confirm all the last week’s rumors about the iPhone 5, and also to confirm the design spotted at the Chinese fake iPhones. Anyway, it’s hard to say if Wu’s information is true or if the sources only confirmed the rumors for not to reveal Apple’s true plans.

Regarding that the Android-powered devices are starting to win more ground in front of iOS and that iPhone 4 is more than 1 year old, then Apple must launch a new, revolutionary device, which should attract some of the Android-based handset owners.

Until now, rumors talk about an A5 chipset squeezed under a redesigned case and 50% chances to see a bigger display on the coming iPhone 5.

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