Leaked Apple iPad 3 Logic Board Confirms Presence Of Upgraded Dual-Core A5X Processor

iPad 3 Logic Board A5X

Surprise, surprise! The logic board of an iPad 3 has been leaked in the wild, and it demonstrates that a previous rumor suggesting that the tablet’s processor will only be a small upgrade from its predecessor is true. The logic board has a big A5X SoC right there for us to see, and this means that Apple will not release a quad-core device this year.

The A5X processor will most likely be based on dual-core technology, but with higher clock speed than the A5 CPU which was clocked at around 833MHz. This photo has been leaked on a Chinese forum which is known for such leaks, and there are also mentions of a significantly better GPU.

We’ve already heard that iPad’s 3 graphics power will be its most important feature. Anyway, the iPad 3 CPU has a version number of S5L8945X which is up from the A5 CPU found in the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, both having a model number of “S5L8940X”.

We intend to believe that this leak is real because it falls in line with a report published earlier this month which suggested that this will be part number of the A5X processor. Apple may first release the A6 CPU in the iPhone 5, however, we intend to believe that the company won’t upgrade its smartphone series to a quad-core processor in 2011.

The data code of this logic board says “1146″ which suggests that the part was manufactured in the 46th week of last year. I remind you that back in mid-November the rumor mill in Taiwan said that Apple has already massive orders to its manufacturing partners.

The logic board also contains other details about the iPad 3. If you look closely then you spot a couple of 16GB flash chipsets made by Hynix as well as a rectangular chipset with the Apple logo on it. As they have a higher model number, then they must have been upgraded, too.

The last time we spoke about Apple’s iPad 3, the tablet was scheduled for an announcement event on March 7th, and it was supposed to feature a 9.7-inch Retina touchscreen at 2048 x 1536 resolution. There are about three weeks left until the event and we’re definitely going to get our hands on more details so stay tuned!

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