LinkedIn Hacked, Over 6 Million Passwords Have Ben Compromised

LinkedIn Hacked

After a wave of rumors that started more than 24 hours ago, in a post on the company’s official blog, LinkedIn confirmed that the security of the website has been compromised and the passwords of about 6.5 million users have been stolen.

A Russian hacker claimed that he stolen 6.46 million LikedIn password, then he uploaded them online. The passwords were SHA-1 encrypted and everyone thought they are secure. Well, we have bad news for the users of the social network centered on the business segment.

That’s why you should be careful what password you are choosing for your accounts. We recommend you to choose always choose strong passwords and change them regularly.

It all started after an user of a Russian forum said he broke into LinkedIn database and stole the details of half a dozen million users. Right after this, the same user uploaded 6,458,02 SHA-1 encrypted passwords on the web, without the user names. Although it was initially thought that the hacker didn’t stole the user names, it was soon proved the contrary.

Before LinkedIn confirmed that the accounts were compromised, Mikko Hypponen – Chief Research Officer at F-Secure already reported that the passwords that leaked on the web are likely to be the real deal and that they were the result of a of a hacker attack on the popular social network.

Although LinkedIn recommends its users to change their passwords as soon as possible, but you should know that the SHA-1 passwords are very hard to decrypt. It’s true that a simple password, like a word or phrase, without numbers or uppercase – lowercase alternation are more exposed, but the whole procedure takes a lot of time.

In case you want to check whether your password is among the compromised ones, you can introduce it at The website will inform you whether your password is among the 6.5 million stolen ones

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