Apple Working On 14-inch MacBook Air?

MacBook Air 14 inc

Everybody is talking about the coming Apple event, lately. A couple of days ago, Apple said that there’s something we really need to see and touch on March 7th in San Francisco and everybody rushed in and said that the new iPad 3 will be unveiled at the upcoming event.

With so many rumors about the specifications of the new iPad 3 and release date of the iPhone 5 around the tech blogs seem to have forgotten about the other products in the Apple line-up. Not Apple, which is reportedly working on a new product for the emergent markets.

The MacBook Air is one of the most popular products of the Apple company and it is currently available with two display versions: one with a 11-inch screen and one with a 13-inch display. Rumor has it that Apple considers expanding their MacBook range with a new product, thus they are working on a new MacBook Air model that features a 14-inch display.

The guys at DigiTimes claim that prototypes of the 14-inch MacBook Air are currently tested by Apple in their laboratories and that if the tests have a positive result then the Cupertino-based would launch the product on the market.

It seems that this 14-inch MacBook Air model is developed especially for the Asian market, where this kind of products are more popular than the 13/15-inch machines. Of course, if the 14-inch MacBook Air ever sees the light of day, it would be available on all the markets where the Cupertino giant activates, but their main goal is to increase their share on the Asian market.

Anyway, we see a lot of rumors speaking about the products of the Cupertino-based company, thus it wouldn’t be wise to get too enthusiastic about the 14-inch MacBook Air, but we’ll live and see if Apple decides to launch a product with a 14-inch panel.

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