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Here at GeekSailor we are a young team that tries to help you with the latest news from the industry, reviews and software downloads. We hope we will be your landing page for online resources !

Now meet the team that works to make your life easier and keeps you updated with all the latest news !

Alex Dumitru – Editor-in-Chief

AvatarAlex is passionate about the internet and startups, being the first member of the team. He keeps the website running, takes care of the issues and writes some very compelling editorials. He collaborated with many publishings, but now SoftSailor is his full-time business.

He dedicates his free time to his family, friends and personal blog. Being dedicated to the internet, he is always online learning new things and reading a lot.

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Dragos Pirvu – Senior Editor

Dragos PirvuDragos knows everything about smartphones and he dedicates his entire days reading or writing about them. In the meantime, he tests the newest smartphones or applications for them. He has been with us from the beginning and is the most loyal member of the team, being considered a member of the family.

Dragos is one of the best at what he does and that’s what makes us very proud to have him as a colleague.

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Cristian Masala – Gaming Editor

Cristian MasalaHe is a gaming expert and has been playing video games since he was a child. SoftSailor is the first publication he worked for and he does a great job, because he is an expert in his area. I believe he is one the luckiest in your team, because he gets to play daily and review the newest and best games around.

Cristian seems very happy with his job, because he does just what he likes. Along with gaming, he also loves listening to rock music and playing his guitar.

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Bogdan Pirvu – Contributing Editor

Bogdan PirvuBogdan knows it all about how to’s when it comes to computers and mobile devices as well. His passion for writing was inspired from his younger (geeker) brother, Dragos. He is also the right man to help you get rid of computer malware therefore if you get into trouble then he’ll be glad to lend you a hand.

Although GeekSailor is one of his first writing jobs, he proved that he’s more than capable of teaching computer users a bunch of tips&tricks.

Bogdan is also a graduate student in economics and he’s going to obtain a master of financial economics in the near future.

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Razvan Oprescu – Contributing Editor

Razvan OprescuRazvan is an important member of our team, being passionate about science, design, and gaming. His favorite computer game is DotA, he loves green buildings, and electric car concepts.
He’s dreaming of a world full of self-sustaining constructions, 100% emission free cars, and cool games like Diablo III. Hopefully, we’re going to have all of these by 2040!

Razvan loves cats and animals in general, but he has two cat pets and one pet dog. Although he is pretty much in love with SoftSailor, he cannot wait to go home and play with his pets and teach them how to be the best in Guitar Hero.

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Marius Maria – Contributing Editor

Marius is the man who spends his day downloading, installing, and testing apps. Mobile apps, Linux programs, Windows software, you name it! He will help you decide which software is the best for you and he can do that with ease.

He likes to eat a lot and to watch football/soccer while he’s at it. Marius is one of the most recent additions to our team and we hope he’s going to stick with us on the long run.

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Liviu Anca

Liviu has been with us since the iPhone was unveiled, a moment when he begun loving Apple products. He’s also
fond of Android and other operating systems as he likes to help people upgrade their devices with ease.

He spends most of his time on the internet, checking out forums and looking for pictures, videos and comics to
make him laugh. Liviu also loves his dog, Adda, and he takes her for long walks on a daily basis.
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