Microsoft Expects 20% Windows Phone 7 Market Share By 2015, Proceeds To Teach Salesmen All About Mango

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Microsoft has announced that it’s going to begin the training of salesmen worldwide in order to ensure that the IDC and Gartner prediction about Windows Phone 7 becomes a reality. According to two separate reports by two or the largest companies of their kind, Windows Phone 7 will become the second mobile operating system by 2015 behind Google Android, and just above Apple iOS.

The Windows Phone 7 head of marketing explained that the eco-system must become the third major operating system on the market. Achim Berg believes that WP7 will gather 20% of the market share by 2015, in a moment when Android will be the first, and iOS the second. He added that Microsoft doesn’t want to make false assumptions therefore he doesn’t expect WP7 to overtake iOS over the next three years.

When asked about the slow Windows Phone 7 sales, Mr. Berg acknowledged that Microsoft hasn’t invested a lot of effort in training salesmen. The media has showed a lot of cases when undercover journalists entered carriers’ stores to ask about Windows Phone 7, and in most cases the salesmen didn’t have a clue about it or they invited consumers to buy an Android smartphone or an iPhone.

Many salesmen were confusing WP7 with Windows Mobile and they said that “you wouldn’t want it,” “it’s buggy,” or “it doesn’t have too many applications.”

Microsoft’s biggest partner is HTC because it’s the manufacturer that sells the highest amount of Windows Phone 7 devices. The Taiwan-based company has recently unveiled the next-generation WP7 smartphones, the HTC Radar, and the HTC Titan.

The former is a revised version of the HTC Trophy with a 3.8-inch touchscreen, while the second is a huge 4.7-inch smartphone powered by a single-core 1.5GHz processor. Both devices are running on the latest Windows Phone 7.5 OS that is codenamed the “Mango” update.

The HTC Radar and the HTC Titan release date is October 1st in Europe, while the rest of the world should get them by the end of October. The price for a Titan unit will stand at €599, while the Radar will be priced at €399.

Microsoft is teaching salesmen everything about Windows Phone 7.5 Mango in order to avoid the aforementioned situations. We should watch how the Windows Phone 7 ecosystem will evolve!

P.S. Microsoft, tech journalists, consumers, analysts, experts, and / or researchers shouldn’t put the WP7′s partial failure on the shoulders of the salesmen. A number of factors has led to selling less than 10 million WP7 devices in one year so this means that Microsoft must improve.

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