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It doesn’t matter where you are from, it doesn’t matter when you were born, if you’ve played games since your hand could reach a keyboard, you must have heard about Heroes of Might and Magic. This series thrilled every TBS / RPG player since its first year and especially, when Heroes 3 surfaced. Since then, many things changed, and the pleasure brought by this game decreased. Ubisoft is trying to revive the series with the latest sequel, entitled Might & Magic: Heroes VI., which needs a beta key to play at this moment.

As said above, Might and Magic: Heroes 6, also known as Heroes of Might and Magic VI, is currently in a closed beta phase. This stage has started today, and allows early access to every player that has pre ordered a retail copy of the game. This closed beta will end when the game releases, on September 6 2011. For those worthy of this wonderful game, that cannot wait to play it until September, we decided to start an exclusive Might and Magic: Heroes 6 beta key giveaway.

Like we did for Starcraft 2, Heroes of Newerth, Halo Reach and other games, this will be a contest where everybody is given a shot at the prize. We have a limited number of Heroes 6 beta keys so the contest will end when we ran out of invitations. Follow the steps below to sign up for the giveaway and, from time to time, check your email. We will send our codes two times a week, on Friday and Monday.

Heroes 6 logo

Heroes 6 logo

Once you get the Might and Magic: Heroes 6 beta key, head out on the official website, create an account using our code and then download the client. It is also recommended to install all updates, as they will patch bugs and bring new features to the table.

Speaking about features, the Heroes 6 beta will allow any participants to play 3 single player campaign maps, which are rumored to be huge. Also, for dynamic content, you can invite two of your friends in an online multiplayer battle, which will take place on a single map.

There are two multiplayer modes available at this moment: “Skirmish” and “Hot Seat”. The first one brings three players face to face while the second one is thought as an Alliance mode. You will have to face your friends and, 3 heavily equipped AI players, who already control rich territories.

For any other information related to the beta, you can consult the Heroes of Might and Magic VI beta manual, available online in a .PDF version.

How to join the Might and Magic: Heroes VI beta giveaway and win a key

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  2. Have fun.

Might and Magic: Heroes 6 will be released on September 6th. If you didn’t get lucky on our giveaway, you can also pre-order the game from Amazon.com and get guaranteed access. As for the final version of the game, see it with your own eyes:

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