Motorola Demonstrates That Android Voice Actions Is Better And Faster Than iPhone’s Siri In Several Videos

Android Voice Actions

There is a very sad thing happening on the mobile market ever since the iPhone was launched. The public is biased towards thinking that Apple has actually invented something and they even believe that Apple was the first that did something. Well, the answer lies beneath Steve Jobs’ own words who said that he prefers to perfect things and products. Anyway Motorola is not happy at all with the public’s beliefs, and released several videos to show Android’s own personal assistant in action.

It’s called Android Voice Actions and it has been released sometime in August 2010. That’s more than one year earlier than Apple released the iPhone 4S which featured the Siri personal assistant application. In the videos, Motorola demonstrates that Android Voice Actions is not only faster than Siri, but it’s even better, and it provides better answers.

The demonstration first took place at the Mobile World Congress 2012 where Motorola made use of the company’s own Atrix 2, Photon 4, and Electrify. Siri is used on an iPhone 4S and is a lot slower than all three Android-powered Motorola smartphones.

Motorola is known for aggressive marketing campaigns against the iPhone as the original Droid became the most successful Android product a few weeks after its launch. Verizon and Motorola’s ads were directed at Apple, and they were known as “iDon’t.”

Android Voice Actions is available on all Android devices that are running on Froyo 2.2 or higher builds. Both AVA and Siri require an active internet connection because audio samples are uploaded into the cloud which practically does all the work.

The three videos can be watched below therefore hit play on all of them, and you will be convinced that Android’s Voice Actions app is better than iPhone 4S’ Siri personal assistant.

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