Motorola Will Win Lawsuit Against Microsoft As Windows 7 And Xbox 360 Are Infringing On Two Patents

Motorola To Win Against Microsoft

As the technology world is “covered” in patent lawsuits across the globe, not a single day goes by without a trial or a hearing. Recently, a trial between Microsoft and Motorola took an unexpected turn as a Judge in Germany appears to be favoring the latter rather than the former company. That didn’t happen because he has a “thing” for Motorola, but Google’s subsidiary has brought some strong evidence which proves that Microsoft uses a couple of Moto’s patents in Windows 7, Xbox 360, Internet Explorer 9, and Windows Media Player.

Quite a while ago, Motorola filed suit against Microsoft in Mannheim, Germany as the Android smartphone maker said that the Redmond-based company is making use of its patents in several products. The patents in question are related to video compression / decompression technology which allows users to reduce bandwidth amount while streaming videos online. Motorola accuses Microsoft for using such patents, and it’s asking for a 2.25% royalty payment for each Windows 7 and Xbox 360 sold.

Motorola certainly knows what it’s talking about, considering the fact that there is a big chance that the German Judge will give it a favorable decision on April 17th this year. If one of Microsoft’s products infringe on Moto’s patents, then the Windows maker will pay a 2.25% royalty for each product sold.

According to FOSS Patents blog, the suit was actually filed by General Instrument Corporation which acts like Motorola subsidiary. Florian Mueller said that if Motorola will win the case, then Microsoft will be forced to pay millions considering the fact that Windows 7 is the best-selling operating system of all time, while more than 66 million Xbox 360 units have been shipped worldwide.

This is not the first time Motorola asks for a 2.25% royalty rate as the company is also involved in a lawsuit against Apple. You may think of it like a coincidence, but Motorola is close to winning that lawsuit as well and the iPhone maker will be forced to pay the same royalty for each 3G-supported iOS device sold.

Microsoft has been widely regarded as the Android scarecrow considering the fact that the company is getting a $5 royalty for more than 70% of Android devices sold in the US. An extended report showed that Microsoft is gaining more money from Android rather from its own Windows Phone 7 platform.

Both Motorola and Microsoft declined to comment on the events of the last trial so we’re going to have to wait for the final decision on April 17th.

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