“My Top 10 Profile Viewers” And “My Top 10 Stalkers” Are Facebook Viruses / Scams

Facebook viruses

Facebok is the world wide web’s largest social networking website, but it’s also full of viruses and scams. The latest Facebook virus is called “My Top 10 Profile Viewers Are…”  or “My Top 10 Stalkers Are…”

These Facebook viruses are shared as wall posts on your profile and if you click on the link which says “Check Who Views Your Profile” then your account is going to be affected as well.

What happens with this virus? Once you click on the link, you’ll be tagged in a dubious photo and you won’t be able to untag yourself. In addition to this, you’re going to post on your friends’ wall the same link and if your friends click on the link, then you’re going to get them infected, too.

The viruses also work in different ways so let me give you another example: the My Top 10 Profile Viewers Facebook virus can untag you from your friends’ albums and as weird as it sounds, it can change your Facebook Privacy Settings to “friends only.”

Please note that all Facebook apps will have access to your personal information and, like always, your details will probably end up on the wrong hands. This is why you don’t have to click on links that you do not trust. Make sure you discuss it with your friend before clicking on anything.

In addition to these two viruses you should also pay attention to apps like “Who is checking my profile?”, “How many profile views do you have?”, and “Who views your profile?” are most likely a Facebook virus. Facebook is not hi5 and you can’t view these details.

It’s not that hard to remove these viruses. First of all, go ahead and report the app to Facebook. This must be the first step. After that follow the guide below:

  1. Go to Account.

  2. Hit Privacy Settings.

  3. You should see “Apps and Websites” somewhere below. Use Ctrl+F if you can’t see it.

  4. Click on Edit Your Settings.

  5. Now you can click “Remove unwanted or spammy apps” or Turn Off all platform apps or in case you want to manually edit apps, click on “Edit Settings”

  6. Find the apps you want to remove, and … remove them!

This kind of spam is dangerous as you can infect your friends. Anyway if you can’t get rid of the virus, then you can ask your friends to delete the albums in which you were tagged. Let me know if you were affected by the ”My Top 10 Profile Viewers Are…”  or “My Top 10 Stalkers Are…” Facebook viruses and if you’ve managed to get rid of them. Stay safe!

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