Google To Appoint Another Motorola Mobility CEO Soon, Waves Goodbye To Sanjay Jha

New Google CEO

Soon after the US Government approved Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility, the Mountain View-based giant have started change the management faces of the communications corporation.

Rumor has it that Dennis Woodside, Senior Vice President of Google, will be named as CEO of the company Google recently acquired, replacing Sanjay Jha, current chairman and chief executive officer of Motorla Mobility.

Google bought the former Mobile Devices division of Motorola Inc for $12.5 billion a move that helped the search engine giant gain a portfolio of over 17,000 patents. After Apple Inc. dragged Google into an endless string of lawsuits over patent infringement charges, the Mountain View-based company though that buying Motorola Mobility and their patent portfolio would be the best way to defend their mobile operating system, Android OS, against the attacks coming from the developers of its fiercest rival, iOS. In an attempt to further strengthen their position into to patent war against Apple, in September 2011, Google also acquired more than 1,000 patents from IBM.

Since August 2011, when Google announced their intention to acquire Motorola Mobility, the search engine giant focused their efforts into making the phone manufacturer an integral part of Google Inc., thus changing the management of the former Motorola Inc Mobile Division with one of the Google’s chiefs it’s move that many saw coming.

After Motorola Mobility was acquired by Google, the two companies teamed-up and developed the new Motorola RAZR, a smartphone that is capable of fighting against Apple’s iPhone 4S.

Neither Google nor Motorola Mobility commented about the replacement of Sanjay Jha, but it is rumored that Google will have to pay Jha a compensation of $66 million.

This change raised some question marks as by signing the Motorola Mobility acquisition deal Google agreed to keep the Mobile Division as an independent entity. Unfortunately, if Google replaces Sanjay Jha, who has an experience of over 4 years as Motorola Mobility CEO, all we can do is ask whether the freshly-acquired company would be able to stay independent for a long time.

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