Nokia Asha 200, 201, 300, And 303 Symbian S40 Phones Go Official At Nokia World 2011

Nokia Asha 303 05

Today was a big day for Nokia, as the Finland-based company presented not less than six new phones at Nokia World 2011 event, in London. Apart from two Windows Phone Mango smartphones, Nokia also presented four new Symbian-powered mobile phones, dubbed Nokia Asha 200, 201, 300 and 303.

If you ever thought that you get too less from a phone like Nokia C3, then learn that the Finns want to get their low-end models closer to the potential and the functions of the smartphones. How? By introducing smartphone elements on “feature phones.”

Thus, at Nokia World 2011, along with the Mango OS models Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710, 4 new handsets, joined the line-up of the Finland-based company: Nokia Asha 300, Nokia Asha 303, Nokia Asha 200 ?i Nokia Asha 201.

The new arrivals are handsets that offer quality design, a special social networking experience and full-QWERTY keyboards, plus a touchscreen experience. All four feature phones presented at Nokia Event are running on Symbian S40.

Nokia Asha 303 is a handset with a 2.6-inch touch capacitve display and a high-quality QWERTY keyboard. The first thing that we saw at Nokia Asha 303 is the Angry Birds’ presence on the display. The new Nokia handset comes with simple socializing and Internet browsing features, and comes with a powerful 1GHz processors.

Nokia Asha 303 also comes with 3G connectivity, WiFi, email, IM and social networking integration, all from the Home screen. When it comes to Internet browsing, Asha 303 uses the integrated Nokia web browser, based on cloud solutions and compressing 90% of data.

The new low-end Nokia terminal packs Angry Birds Lite, and if you are interested in buying one, the price tag of the handset is of 115 EUR, taxes not included. Nokia Asha 303 release date was scheduled for Q4 of 2011.

Another feature phone presented today at Nokia World 2011 was Nokia Asha 300. It too combines the touch and keyboard (not QWERTY this time) experience and sports a 1GHz processor, plus 3G support and fast web browsing experience. Nokia Asha 300′s integrated browser comes with 90% data compression, as well.

With Nokia Asha 300 you will be able to access Nokia Store, it comes pre-loaded with Angry Birds, and the specs include a 5MP camera, audio player, FM radio, Bluetooth and a slot for external memory cards of up to 32Gb. Just like Nokia Asha 303, Asha 300 will hit the market sometime in Q4 of 2010. The price for the device was set to 85 EUR, taxes not included.

Nokia Asha 200 is a dual SIM mobile phone that comes with Easy Swap, a feature that allows you to swap from one SIM to another, without turning off the handset. It looks to me that Nokia Asha 200 is the twin brother of Nokia C3. The handset comes with a handy QWERTY keyboard,social networking support, email, IM and integration for RenRen, Orkut and Flickr services.

Nokia Asha 200 supports external memory cards of up to 32GB and was designed for the youths in developing countries like Mexic and India. Nokia Asha 200 release date was set for the first quarter of 2012, at a price of around 60 EUR.

Least, but not last, Nokia Asha 201 was also presented at Nokia World 2011 event, in London. We learned that Nokia Asha 201 is the single SIM version of Nokia Asha 200. The specs include a high performance loudspeaker, stereo FM radio, the Nokia browser we mentioned above, and a battery that can handle up to 52 hours of audio playback. The low-end Nokia phone will be approximately 60 EUR, taxes not include, and it will be shipped sometime in the first quarter of 2012.

Which of these four feature Nokia phones would better suit your needs? Also learn that Nokia launched an improved version of Maps and Nokia Public Transport apps, available in over 100 countries and 430 cities. Using them you will be up to date with bus and train routes, but this feature is currently available in only 45 cities.

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