Nokia Lumia 719 leaks some images, is on its way to Asia and America


It does seem like Nokia is starting to build up quite a nice Windows Phone 7 portfolio with its latest creations, and now one more such device has just leaked a couple of pictures of itself. The device that stole the spotlight this time is the Nokia Lumia 719, which should make quite an impact when it lands on both the American and Asians shores in a couple of days.

As you can easily deduce from the naming convention used by Nokia for its new Lumia Windows Phone 7 brand, the Nokia 719 will be placed just above the Lumia 710 in terms of specs and most probably in terms of price too. As far as we can tell, this new Nokia 719 will come with a 3.7 inch wide AMOLED screen which will probably benefit from Nokia’s ClearBlack technology. Other interesting specs include a 5 MP rear facing camera capable of HD video recordings. These last two specs are the normal standard for any Windows Phone 7 design, so the Lumia 719 might feature some even better specs.

Another interesting thing we can deduce from the leaked picture of the Nokia 719 is the slimness of the device. As far as we can tell this particular Nokia seems to be very slim, and it also has three hardware keys under its display, which is against the current capacitive only trend.

As far as the release date is concerned, this new Nokia should hit the shelves in Asia first, at Nokia’s Lumia event in China on the 28th of March. Soon after it should also arrive on the American shores and it will be very interesting to see if adding yet another model to the Lumia line up will stir up the Windows Phone 7 sales.

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