How To Open Winmail.dat files On Apple Mac OS X


Mac is such a full of joy device that everyone enjoys these days. There are some things that you must know until you are able to play with all the functions of this Apple invention. For example what is the solution if someone sends you a Winmail.dat file from a PC running Windows? Most of us will encounter some difficulties when it comes to opening these types of files. This will happen mostly because for example Microsoft Outlook saves email messages and attachments in a Winmail.dat file which is only accessible for users under Windows OS. Because the Mac iOS doesn’t have any native possibility to access these sorts of files it has come to the situation in which you need to get and use a third-party application.

The 1st option would be using an application coming from the people of Creative in Austria:

  • Simply launch your Web browser and then navigate to Creative in Austria website ( From that site download the  LetterOpenerPro application

  • Make a double click on the application and start installing it on your Mac device. You need to know from the start that LetterOpenerPro works mostly as a plug-in with Apple’s native Mail application.

  • Now go and click on the “Mail” icon that is found in your Dock. This will launch the application!

  • This will mean that the next time you click on a message that is containing an attached Winmail.dat file the LetterOpenerPro app will automatically open that data file. Also all the content will be displayed and you will have the ability to navigate as in any other type of mail message. Also there is the option to click and attached file in order to open it or drag the file to a folder located in your computer.

If this method is not on your like don’t worry because there are other ways to make opening of Winmail.dat files. Another way would be to:

  • Start your Web browser and now go to Josh Jacob’s website ( From there start downloading the TNEF’s Enough application.

  • This will be downloaded in a zip format and will have the TNEF2 Enough. Just double click it and after the opening is done drag and drop the TNEF2′s application file onto the “Applications”. This is usually found in your Dock from your Mac.

  • Now click on the “Mail” in the Dock of your Mac in order to launch the native Apple email application. Make a double-click on the email message that is containing the attached Winmail.dat file. Now click on the “Save” button that is located on the top of the messages and simply save the Winmail.dat file to your Mac’s Downloads folder. Click on the “Applications” option from your Mac Dock and then go and click “TNEF2′s Enough” in order to start using the app. Click “File”, then “Open” and then go to the “Downloads” folder and then search and click when found the Winmail.dat file. Just select “Open” and the magic will happen.

And if even this isn’t enough for you guys there is a third option.

  • Go to “App Store” that is located on the Dock option from your Mac and access Apple’s Mac App Store. In the search option search for “Klammer” and then click on the found result. Press the “Buy” option in order to get the product and to start downloading and installing Klammer.

  • Now go and launch mail by double-clicking a message that has a Winmail.dat file attachment. Click the “Save” button that is located at the top of the message window. This will save the Winmail.dat file to your Mac’s Downloads folder.

  • Go and click on “Applications” on the Dock and from there launch the “Klammer” application.

  • Now click on the “File” button that is located on the Klammer menu. Click “Open”, then “Downloads” and then select the Winmail.dat file to open it.

These are the three options I have found when it comes to opening and using a Winmail.dat file. If you manage to find more please feel free to mail me or post a comment on this article.

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