Pirate Parties Are Trying To Help Megaupload Users By Suing The FBI For Losing Their Files And Money


When we first heard about Megaupload being taken down by the FBI, we were wondering what will happen with the files of the users who were relying on the service to upload legit files. The second thing that we were wondering was what will it happen with the money they paid for the premium subscriptions. Sadly, the FBI and the Justice Department didn’t say anything about this problem therefore the users have decided to sue them.

The MPAA and the FBI have tried to put a wrong label on Megaupload saying that it only consists of pirated content. The problem is that the people who’ve opened the internet more than 5 times in their lifetime know that Megaupload represents much more than that and thousands of users were sharing important data along with many small firms who were uploading documents required at work.

We shouldn’t ignore the folks who didn’t have enough money to buy an external hard drive and decided to upload personal videos, songs, and photos on The so-called Pirate Parties are now working at a class-action lawsuit of some kind in order to issue a complaint to the FBI.

This action has caused irreparable damage, Pirate Parties said. They have begun reading the laws and the decision of the US Court in order to see what the FBI did wrong when it took Megaupload down. Pirate Parties International and the Pirates of Catalonia will look for any potential law abuses made by the Feds, and when that happens, they’ll file suit against the Bureau.

The Pirate Parties added that in the meantime they’re working on a list to determine all the people who have been affected by the action of the FBI and Justice Department. They will try to contact all of them, however, they are aware that it’s going to take a while until the Pirate Parties will achieve their goals.

Megaupload has been a backup service for many users and the Pirate Parties will do whatever is necessary to make sure that the US authorities will eventually to do the right thing, said a PP representative. They said that this has nothing to do with piracy because it’s an action focused on legitimate users who feel that the US made an abuse of power when taking down Megaupload so that the companies who don’t pay taxes get even more money.

It seems like the Pirate Parties aren’t the only ones looking into the Megaupload problem – there are many lawyers and experts who are working to defend the civil rights in multiple countries are analyzing the situation, and they’re going to make a move soon.

You can, too, join the fight against the FBI if you feel that Justice Department made a wrong decision in taking down Megaupload. Visit the website here and act now until it’s too late!

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