PlayStation 4 Release Date Is February 20th?

PlayStation 4 release date

Sony has just announced the “PlayStation Meeting 2013″ event, scheduled for February 20th 2013. With a suggestive motto – “See The Future,” PlayStation Meeting 2013 will be held in New York, and the Japan-based giant invited the press and the investors at the event.

All the buzz created around the PlayStation Meeting 2013 event is about the launch of the next-generation of Sony gaming consoles, mostly likely named PlayStation 4. Moreover, sources close to the matter have confirmed for Wall Street Journal that the PlayStation 4 release date was set for the PlayStation Meeting 2013.

PlayStation 4 was developed under the Orbis codename and it will be underpinned by technology developed by AMD. The rumors are pointing towards a configuration with an AMD APU (accelerated processing unit) with 8 cores, a generous amount of RAM (from 4 to 8 GB), and an AMD video chipset based on Southern Islands architecture.

PS4 will be the successor of the “old” PlayStation 3, a gaming console launched in November 2011 and sold in over 70 million copies world wide. PlayStation 3 was the first gaming console with a Blu-ray optical drive, and over the years,  it enjoyed a lot of popular game tiles like God of War III, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain sau seriile Killzone ?i Uncharted.

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