PlayStation 4 Goes Official? Not Quite, But Sony Unveiles A New PlayStation

PlayStation 4

For a couple of seconds everybody held his breath when Sony’s officially announced a new PlayStaion console at Tokyo Game Show.

Even though it was almost impossible to see the PlayStation 4 in flash so soon, the Japan-based company unveiled a gaming console with a fresh look, that is probably a foreword for the PlayStation 4, Orbis, or whatever the next-gen Sony console will be called.

Unfortunately we snapped out of it really quick. Sony basically unveiled a PlayStation 3 with a revised design, 20% smaller and 25% lighter than the current version of the popular gaming console.

The new PlayStation 3 model will be available with 250 and 500 GB HDDs and will be included in some really attractive packages. For example the 250 GB model will be available in US starting September 25th in a limited edition package that includes the sensational NCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception: Game of the Year Editio and a $30 voucher you can use to purchase DUST 514 content, for a total of USD 269.99.

The ones who want the new PlayStation 3 with 500 GB HDD will have to wait until October 30th, when the console will be available with Assassin’s Creed 3.

For the European market, the things are a bit different, as the 500 GB PS3 console will be available starting September 28th for 299 EUR.

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