PlayStation 4 Confirmed By Former Sony Employee Resume

PlaySation 4 Confirmed

The last couple of years have brought a lot of rumors about the next generation of video gaming consoles .The last months have abounded in speculations about a new Playstation and a new Xbox, but we never had any solid information about the two aforementioned consoles.

Well, it seems that PlayStation 4 is real after all, if it were to take a former Sony employee’s resume. He claims that he worked on the development of the the next-gen Playstation.

He is Attila Vass, former R&D Vice President at Sony Computer Entertainment US, who listed on his LinkedIn profile that he worked on the development of the “next-generation Playstation console” since August 2010.

Vass worked for the Japan-based company since 1998 until August last year, giving him extra credibility for this matter. Throughout the years spent at Sony, Mr. Attila Vass handled the development of graphic rendering technologies, as well as the creation of PlayStation 2, PSP, PlayStation 3, PlayStation vita and “next-gen consoles.”

Combining the past experience listed in Vass’ resume with the latest rumors that hit the tech press lately, we might actually see the new PlayStation 4 in flesh pretty soon. Even though Sony gave the rumors the “no comment” treatment, the next-generation Sony video gaming console might see the light of day in the last quarter of 2013.

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