Minecraft 1.0 Review for PC


Minecraft was officially released. I know this sounds strange and wrong in the same time. Wrong, because Minecraft was not released now, but with more than a year ago. Last month was celebrated version 1.0 of the game, which again, does not matter, because it’s not like they stop support for it or would begin work on a sequel. Then what was? A convention dedicated to the game and when the creator, Markus Persson, decided it was time to attend to other projects, leaving care Minecraft company. And then they started to appear on the internet to review that article? From a few simple reasons, most games today despise AGP video card, and more importantly, makes its appearance when the opportunity to play more Minecraft not refuse. You can try, but eventually you’ll wake up the fight to end the game on a holder to let you cleared a continent and blue paint all sheep. Why? Because you can.

Minecraft is a triumph of imagination that has so far managed to break many rules. He proved without doubt that the publication and distribution system established is not the only viable way to sell a game. There are alternatives that can not only live together with piracy that has put the jar important part of industry, but are used to expand phenomenon. Minecraft was pirated more times than they would dare to estimate even telling analysts hotly massive numbers, and thanks to this, were bought more than 4 million copies, the creator or being turned into a multimillionaire overnight . All because he got the idea to do a joculete in Java, with some initial budget of a bus ticket. Nor is the cheapest game ever made, as it came to “launch”, its price increased gradually up to the level of a budget title. Sales pace not too low at this time, on the contrary, now that is more “play” in it, the world seems even more eager to hold him. For what reason would want that?

It’s not like Minecraft would be revolutionary in any way, that game where you can build are above many, some in the real world that come with the bonus of being able to walk on his pieces at night and scream to grieving. As a game where you can explore a semi-infinite world, are again above. As a game where you can create strange mechanisms that have little purpose other than to entertain, are at least two previous concept that led to the extreme. Minecraft managed to combine them all into one package colored, small and easy to understand.

Also would not hurt a list of recipes in the game, but compared to Dwarf Fortress, can be played with eyes closed and hands tied behind his back. It does not mean that is less complex than it is, but things you can do continues to defy expectations. For a year are made ??functional processors in the game. Three-dimensional printers are now programs are virtual orchestras and devices appear every day becoming more complex, made of the simplest parts possible. Imagination and inventiveness have led to the creation of wonders. It does not take a genius to create something fun mechanics, you can just have fun doing random things with the most diverse set of cubes that you can find on the market.

In Minecraft everything is about building. In recent versions have even tried to make it more “game” than it was before. They added “missions”, pets, populated villages, many new environments, precipitation, two separate realms full of creatures strange alchemy, the experience can be spent on creating magic equipment, treasure-filled fortresses, dangerous abandoned mines, valleys ground and even a very angry dragon as a final enemy. Minecraft is the end. I could not believe it, mostly because it is completely irrelevant. I understand why they put there will be a reward for their effort in trying to remember a player that there is something else besides Minecraft, using a quote of his Mark Twain, but he is irrelevant.

Mincraft is not a game you will want to complete. It is a game you want to get down to the direction in which you pushed, no matter how tenuous it is. Minecraft has no rules, only guidelines that are not required to comply in any way. A Treasury of emergent gameplay that should not be taken into account even the few laws of the game. There are probably hundreds of modifications available now for Minecraft, each adding new layers of complexity that make it look like Dwarf Fortress. I see changes that make the game a finite resource water, capable of generating tsunamis that can cover real world. Someone introduced the concept of steam. There are solar energy, even a Portal Gun. Minecraft is changed in so many ways that the game becomes almost irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the adventure, one that you want to have.

I woke up one morning thinking I want to make a huge circular staircase in the heart of a mountain. One huge that I wanted to make a skull, but it looks more like a box of eyes, so I quit. And that scale was to connect a tower taller than the clouds, the top of the mountain, a huge mining complex, which is a secret passage, whose entry was driven by pistons, which occur near went under. Initially I wanted the whole passage there only when the pistons were activated, but would have required too much planning.

The passage leading to an underwater glass house, which was floating above it a pyramid, with a portal to the Nether into it. I think I took a day to do all this, with some degree of cheating. And why do we do? Because I could. If I allowed to dig a Skyros are under Windhelm, fill it with dynamite and connect them all to a detonator placed under the throne of Ulfric, I have done this ten times a day. But it does not, while Minecraft allows me to plan unnecessarily complicated dead creatures are unable even to speak. At one point trying to find as much as possible several ways in which someone opens a trunk to suffer the very pleasant things. You can not trust everyone in multiplayer, but if you give a server that people deal with anything other than the theft and burning of your home, the possibilities extend far beyond that is a solitary affair.

Semi-infinite potential of the game is why so many people to buy and so multioameni play. It is a lot of sand where you can play any way you want, without limits or rules. And because some of us are too big to play us in the sand without the neighbors begin to think of notification for the insane, Minecraft fills that void perfectly. But you already know that. Is largely impossible not already played Minecraft, you’ve probably played today, or plan to do after reading this article. It is useless to tell you how funny is it or shortcomings Minecraft or what deserves note. Experience of play is far too subjective for it. You can play it as a simulator of agriculture as one of caving your friend, someone like a game of survival, I like training for the day they take completely insane and turn the city into Ravenholm. And then, how can I make this game a review? Who says I do? We just reason to see what it looks like the final dragon.

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