Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security Slates Google Chrome As Safest Browser

Google Chrome Germany

Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) have published their annual report containing recommendations for personal computer users. According to the German agency, the safest internet web browser is Google’s Chrome.

BSI says that Chrome is the only browser that uses the sandbox technology, which isolates any possible threats that may affect your computer before they can crawl into your system. Moreover, Chrome is making the updates automatically and it comes pre-loaded with Adobe Flash. The latter is also constantly updated to the latest version. Also Google Chrome is the only web browser that wasn’t hacked at Pwn2Own.

Since 2009, the European Commission enforced Microsoft to display a list of web browser choices at the very first launch of IE. Thus each European customer that bought a Windows licence from Microsoft is aware that other browsers than Internet Explorer are out there in the wild. In the rest of the world no such measures were taken against Microsoft, thus the IE holds a big chunk of the web browsers market share.

In Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security the best free email option is Gmail. BSI also tips us to uninstall any unused demo software that come pre-installed and to backup your system weekly.

Unless you use specific functions like parental control, online content filters and if you are not a file sharing site enthusiast, then you should not stress out and install a free antivirus software like Avira, AVG Free, Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast, shows the BSI report.

The aforementioned antivirus software does nothing else than slow down your computer and they are useless you access suspicious websites or you copy content from unsure sources (borrowed CDs, USB flash drives, SD cards, etc.). Moreover, modern web browsers have their own security systems, which warn you in case a certain website is trying to install harmful software on your computer or if it’s dangerous for your machine.

For the time being, Internet Explorer is the world’s most popular web browser holding 37.5% of the market share, closely followed by Google Chrome with 28.4% and Mozilla Firefox with 24.8%. IE’s market share is mostly based on the fact that in US Microsoft’s web browser is automatically set by default for the Windows 7 users.

In Germany, the homeland of BSI, Firefox holds the web browsers market share supremacy with 51%, while Internet Explorer comes second accounting 24.8%. Only 14.3% of the Germans are currently using Chrome when they are navigating on the Internet.

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