Samsung Officially Dismisses Nokia Purchase Rumors

Nokia Headquarters

It’s not the first time when the rumor mills says that the Finnish giant will be acquired by another important company. The speculations usually say that Microsoft is going to buy Nokia, but, according to, Samsung is planning to purchase the Finland-based phone maker.

The Finnish publication claims that they have the information from a source inside the stock exchange market, as Nokia’s share have mysteriously raised lately. Samsung’s motivation is to get their hands Nokia’s impressive patent portfolio, then use it in the battle against Apple. Rumor has it that Samsung already started the negotiations over Nokia purchase deal. If this acquisition goes on, then it would become the second largest deal in telecom industry within a year, after Google bought Motorola Mobility.

But we would recommend you to quit dreaming, as the South Korean phone maker have officially dismissed the rumors saying that the company is interested in acquiring Nokia, saying that “such reports are purely speculative and are not true.”

After it was speculated that Samsung plans to purchase Nokia, the Finland company’s shares rose 6% on Friday.

Nokia continues to lose money, but the company’s officials are sure that their partnership with Microsoft will help the giant phone maker become profitable again. In Q1 2012 Samsung overpassed Nokia and become world’s biggest phone vendor. Even though the Finns managed to stay up top for years in a row, this position didn’t made the company profitable.

After Nokia teamed-up with Microsoft, in October 2011 the Finland-based phone maker unveiled its first two Windows Phone-powered smartphones: Lumia 810 and Lumia 710.

The flagship of the Nokia WP line-up was introduced in January at CES 2012 event. It turned out that was the US variant as it featured 4G LTE support. One month later, in Barcelona, at Mobile World Congress 2012, the international model of Nokia Lumia 910 was showed to the world along with a low-end Windows Phone smartphone for emergent markets, Nokia Lumia 610.

The Nokia Lumia 910 debut on the US market made the Americans form huge lines in front of AT&T stores in an attempt to get their hands on the 4G LTE smartphone.

It would foolish for Microsoft to let another company acquire Nokia, now that the Redmond-based company and the Finns made huge investments in aggressive marketing campaigns. Therefore, for the time being, Nokia is not for sale.

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