Samsung Galaxy Note Review

samsung galaxy note

Looks like Samsung is taking everything into consideration, after their great success with Galaxy S and Galaxy S II mobile devices it came the Galaxy Tab turn to make some waves into the tablets market. But this is not all as Samsung aims higher, as they taken very seriously the smartphone business and they have come up with a device part smartphone part tablet. I was kinda left with my brow high, as everything with the Samsung Galaxy Note can be called Great, besides the uneasiness in holding the device at your ear, this is close to being a fantastic device.

This handset packs some marvels, the camera, extraordinary dedicated features, S-Pen and S-Memo and what ever you can mention even the display, anyway if you never had an Samsung Galaxy S2 in your hands earlier the appreciation should be higher. This device is very large so you can call it a smartphone and too small to call it a tablet device, anyway nothing in the Note could look weird for you, and you would be having one of the most versatile Android device ever. The Galaxy Note is going to put a large smile on your face as soon as you start using it.

The Galaxy Note fits perfectly in your pocket which makes it apart from any tablet device which get their place either in your briefcase or bag, so if you are a tech savvy definitively would like this gadget. The Note’s screen size has a 5.3-inch screen, comes a bit uneasy to hold it with one hand and in the same time trying to do most of the things with the finger in the same time, pretty unpractical but possible non of the less thanks to the S-pen which enables the use of your other hand. Note’s front side looks similar to the Galaxy devices having just a single button in the center bottom area, also on either side are 2 touch sensitive keys, one called Menu and the other called Back. The ear piece is just above the Samsung Logo placed on the top front side and near it lies the 2MP video calling camera.

Anyway most of the complains concerning Galaxy devices were about the lack of the dedicated camera shutter which unfortunately is not included in Galaxy Note either, this made me shout my dissatisfaction loud as with such a pretty large handset the camera key would have been quite helpful. The lack of the camera button makes it difficult to capture pics, as you have to hold your hands still and in the same time use a finger to click the screen’s capture button. On the left side there is a volume jack key and on the right side there is a power / unlock button. One very useful thing is the Mic placed on both top and bottom side, this comes especially handy when you are using the video calling feature. A Galaxy Note new feature is the S-Pen, something new that everyone would want to play with, also the bottom section has the Micro-USB slot. Note’s doesn’t have a resistive touchscreen but has got the capacitive touchscreen technology to receive the gestures from the tip of the S-Pen, so rather than just clicking or typing it has a button to enhance the functions.

Thanks to Samsung, the Galaxy Note has followed the trend and became one of the most light-weighed products just like the Galaxy S and S II although device should have been heavy considering it’s size. It weights only 180grams so while held in one hand gives a pleasant feeling while held in one hand. The Note is even thinner than the Galaxy S smartphone although the S-Pen and a large battery are packed in , so this is pretty amazing wouldn’t you say? We thought that Samsung Galaxy S was one of the thinnest Samsung device but looks like we were wrong, the Note is going to take the lead in this ” contest “.

The Samsung Galaxy Note comes with an 8 MP camera with LED flash, the back part of the Galaxy Note has the matte finish plastic case, on the bottom left side there is the speaker which are bigger than on those you see the Galaxy mobiles. The device looks nice and has a great usability , anyway we kinda expected the camera to be a little more recessed as it actually is. At this moment is more vulnerable to scratches but if it were a little more in-depth would have kept the camera life longer and it is pretty understandable that a shutter cover can’t be placed considering the Note’s thickness.

Galaxy Note’s display is the Super AMOLED, which is a bit different from the one in Galaxy S2, but thanks to the 1280 x 800 screen resolution using the same wallpaper at same brightness level could not reveal an accurate difference for me. This high-resolution has been seen until now only in 13 inch laptops and larger tablets, but the this is no exception of the Note’s excellent quality of content and graphics, even high-definition videos are perfectly plaid. Have you ever used a Dell Streak 5-inch tablet? In the case that it were a lesser resolution screen, let’s say maybe 800 X 480 like in the Galaxy S II things probably would have been different and would probably compare that with the Dell’s 5 inch tablet display quality.

This Samsung Galaxy Note is using the Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 also Samsung should really learn how to change the interface at least a bit, to allow many of you to upgrade from the previous version of Galaxy. In the end we can say that the Samsung Galaxy Note is not just a simple smartphone or a multitasking handset, it more than that, but now is the Note just a simple tablet? No it’s obvious that is not just a multifunctional tablet, is a smartphone and a tablet all in one. As soon as you would try this device you will find in the position to simply love it, as it is thin, practical and easy to use.

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