Samsung Galaxy S III Spotted In An Official Samsung Press Conference?

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S III got the whole internet on fire when the first pictures of the device, coming from Russia have hit the web, but it turned out that the respective leaked pictures were nothing but concepts. Now we are dealing with a picture that comes right from an official Samsung presentation, thus we have solid reasons to believe that the leaked is authentic. Have a peak and see for yourself how the new Samsung Galaxy S III could look.

But is it a real Samsung leak or we are making too much noise for nothing? An unknown terminal was spotted in an official Samsung presentation at CES 2012 and we believe that we are looking at the brand new Samsung Galaxy S III. It’s easy to see that the design of the smartphone in the picture is very close to the one of the current models belonging to the Galaxy line-up. The main difference are the edges of the display, which are incredibly thin. It was already rumored that Samsung Galaxy S III will come with a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED display, but now it seems that the South Korea-based company decided to stuff it in Galaxy S II’s case, which will result in very thin edges.

You can see at 7:11 in the below video that the mysterious terminal that features a wide display is used for controlling a high-end camera. It is rumored that the device is actually the Samsung Galaxy Note, or the successor of the current Note, or maybe the Galaxy S II HD, a device with a 4.65-inch display and HD resolution. The Home button has the same Samsung-ish style, and the device looks very thin. Probably, the Asian giant will release an official statement in the next hours to rule out the rumors and unveil the real identity of the device.

If you compare the device to the size of the user’s fingers, then it makes you think that you are looking at the Galaxy Note, but maybe Galaxy S III is a smartphone with a 4.65-inch display, who knows? I remind you that rumors say that Samsung Galaxy S III will be unveiled at MWC 2012 and that it sports either a quad-core Exynos processor or a 2GHz+ Exynos chipset, member of the dual core tribe.

You can watch the official video below, and the mysterious smartphone we have talked about can be spotted at 7:12. Samsung Galaxy S II represented a huge success for the South Korean company, and its successor is highly expected by the Android enthusiasts. Samsung Galaxy S III should be the direct competitor of iPhone 5 or for the next Sony Xperia model. You can try to guess what technical specifications the Samsung Galaxy S III will have and share them with us in the comments section below.

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