Serious Sam 3: BFE Review for PC

Serious Sam 3 BFE

First person shooter genre has come to be confused lately with military games, where who knows what special troops to “mediate” a conflict between the world powers and thus ensure maximum safety for the inhabitants of the planet for another year . Because, of course, in the year to come should bring about a new iteration of that series, which will resume from scratch. In this type successfully fall titles like Call of Duty or Battlefield games by no means weak, but very predictable. In the other camp, but we old-school shooters, which is never enough ammunition and killing monsters industrial quantities remains the main objective. In the other camp we have Serious Sam.

The first title of the series – Serious Sam: The First Encounter – to na?cut from a simple tech demo made ??by Croatian studio Croteam and through simplistic gameplay that has caught on, has turned into a real shooter in its own right. Unique combination of frantic action, spectacular graphics and humor have won him the Serious Sam, in the early 2000s, as one of the most celebrated heroes of gaming. Continued fight against alien Serious Sam: The Second Encounter (a sort of expansion of the first game), and Serious Sam 2. However, unlike the precursor, this second game of the series was considered by fans too childish and uninspired.

It is these shortcomings wanted people to make them forget Croteam Serious Sam with 3: BFE, a title that returns in several respects, the original series. First, elements are removed downright silly story of Serious Sam 2, Sam returned to his main concern: Mental’s forces slaughter. This time however, the action takes place before The First Ecounter (hence the subtitle BFE – Before First Encounter), in an era of time much closer today.

People have discovered technology only inhabitants of Sirius, buried deep under pyramids and monuments built in Egypt. Unfortunately, this discovery brought about the emergence of the first wave of invading forces of his mental, which, as usual, can not be stopped only by the brave Sam “Serious” Stone, machine-to-kill-aliens. Thus, we can say that the boys played a steady hand Croteam Egypt, temples, pyramids, dozens of monsters per square meter – just the elements that brought the success of the first title in the series.

However, there are some problems that stop Serious Sam 3: BFE to live up to its illustrious precursors. This time, we get a more or less contemporary Egypt, the temples where bright and lively piesajelor was taken scowling neighborhoods of the capital Cairo, underground and obscure monuments are in an advanced state of decay. Simply lure sets stop and to continue to explore, as was the case in The First and The Second Encounter. This time, however, the game environment is destructible, sometimes there really places where you can shelter from waves of attackers.

No Sam’s original arsenal helps The Body hero first weapons at its disposal as if borrowed from modern military shooters: pistol, shotgun and assault rifle, too “impersonal” to a character type of Serious Sam. This, combined with the scenery too dark, leave an impression not very pleasant, at least the first levels of the game. Fortunately, once past this threshold psychological, Serious Sam 3: BFE back to basics, giving Sam much more open sets, weapons … serious and tons of monsters that you expect from a game. Too bad you have to wait so long to get to the true however to Serious Sam.

Sam is no longer the hero he used to be: trying to be funny, saying all kinds of replicas on several occasions, but nothing has no charm of yesteryear. Moreover, Sam “learned” and a number of tricks from other games of its kind, more modern: some weapons can use the system aim-down-sights (popularized by Call of Duty) and need recharging, and the hero can sprint and they can run when opponents get enough of them almost. These additions are not just bad game and so dimamizând very alert.

What remained almost unchanged is “menagerie” that Sam has to face, Mental returning largely the same types of ministers of First and Second Encounter: kamize soldiers without head, horned scheletroni (kreel), scorpions armed with machine guns heavy bulls Syrian or bipedal robots at all friendly. Sure, some old enemies have left room for other types of opponents in November, but, overall, at least in terms of monsters, Serious Sam 3: BFE remain faithful as possible to the original series.

Not missing any bosses, their appearances (rather frequent) marking, most times, level breaks. And because it came all levels, the campaign of Serious Sam 3: BFE is composed of 12 such episodes, the total time the game reached 10-12 hours (the easy-medium difficulty). However, even on medium difficulty, the game tends to become very difficult at times.

However, these situations can be “solved” without problems when approached in the cooperative campaign, with friends, Serious Sam 3: BFE providing support for not less than 16 players for online gameplay co-op. Also, if you have PC gamepads, you can try Serious Sam 3 in splitscreen. Besides the campaign, there is a survival game mode (the endless waves of attackers must be rejected), and the opportunity to play competitive multiplayer modes (deathmatch, capture the flag, etc.).. Unfortunately, if the latter, I do not find players interested in it, most owners of Serious Sat March focusing on the cooperative parties.

One of the most popular parts of the first games in the series – graphics – no longer a figure so beautiful even in Serious Sam 3: BFE. The game is based on the Serious Engine 3.5 graphics engine, which, although capable of some downright spectacular effects, suffer in terms of optimization. The first ten minutes we spent changing game graphics settings until I managed to get a satisfactory framerate at an acceptable resolution without giving up most of Briz Briz-visual sites. Also, as I said, no art direction does not help much, landscapes being often too dejected to arouse enthusiasm.

One thing should be noted, however: Serious Sam 3 is violence in a special charm. Simply splitting into thousands of pieces and monsters like endless waves of blood (and what blood looks!) Flying on all sides add a touch of vitality to the scenery and the game itself. It remains a matter of fact the main advantage of this third title of the series, which, despite the efforts of producers, no longer exudes the “magic” of yore.

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