Sony PS3 Firmware 3.70 Update Release Date Is “Soon”

PS3 Automatic Update

Sony says that it wants to provide the best gaming experience on the PS3, but not for all of you. Oh, no, that’s not even remotely possible as Sony will release a new PS3 firmware update only for those with a PlayStation Plus account. The PS3 v3.70 firmware update will come packed with automatic sync and updates that will make things easier for the users.

Sony added that PS Plus subscribers will now be able to automatically back-up their data online. The settings for each games can be accessed under the Menu > Game. Just select the games for which you want to back-up your saved data and then press the Triangle button on your controller.

The PS3 software 3.70 update will also give users the possibility to sync their Trophies while checking to updates. This made Sony renamed Automatic Download into Automatic Update. Not much of a change, but now you know that your Trophies are safe, and you won’t lose time syncing your awards collection.

A sought-after feature will be added through PS3 firmware 3.70 update – users will now be able to recommend items at the PlayStation Store so if you like any games, videos, and other content, then you can share them to your PSN buddies who will receive a message with product links from the aforementioned store.

Consumers are using the PS3 as a multimedia device as well, therefore a new section has been added to the PS3 Xross Media Bar – TV / Video Services. The new category will consist of video-related apps like Netflix, Vudu, and Hulu. Users will still be required to have an account for the named video streaming services.

The PS3′s new TV / Video section will also allow users to download other video apps so just use the XMB with confidence. My Channels will probably become the most accessed sub-folder in the TV/Video category as users will be able to find their downloaded apps there.

Although you are used with Sony taking away features from you, here are a couple of more features being added thanks to PS3 firmware update 3.70 – 3D Support and additional decoding / streaming Blu-ray 3D support. 3D photos are also supported now, and you can view them at the Photo Gallery category through the XMB.

The PS3 firmware 3.70 update release date is “soon” so go ahead and prepare yourself. Sadly, you won’t get the automatic update features, but that’s Sony and you’re already accustomed with this situation. Stay tuned, we will let you known as soon as you can download PS3 software 3.70 update!

Let us know in comments what do you think about the new features that will be added to your PS3!

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