Star Wars: The Old Republic Review for PC

Star Wars The Old Republic

Since the first announcement and the launch in December, the waiting for Star Wars: The Old Republi was bitter – sweet: on the one hand was curious to see what comes out can only license that was likely to gun down World of Warcraft, and on the other hand, was the sadness that I will not play a Knights of the Old Republic 3 (which is one of my favorites), but an MMO. Surely, the financial reasons prevail in the choice of game genre and with a publisher like EA could not back any other way. However, Star Wars: The Old Republic proves that Bioware knows how to make RPGs, but its unexperienced when it comes to developing a MMO, the latter being composed of “common things” popularized by WoW. Additions are scarce, there is not really new features, we have basically a single player game mechanics grafted on massively multiplayer.

The first choice is between the two factions of the classic Star Wars universe: Empire or Republic and, from what I understood from other players, you will look like a “sissy” in front of other gamers if you choose to play as Jedy as most of them have chosen the dark side of the Force. It’s true, the battles are just mad that absolute peace of code do not take Jedi, so the Sith seems more like the logical choice. After selecting the breed, go to classes (Jedi or Sith, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler in the Han Solo style, Trooper or Imperial Agent).

Whatever the combination, you start one of the eight lines of dialogue, and those who have played Mass Effect wheel system will recognize immediately the good answers to choose from, bad or neutral. Depending on the alignment, not too much you out if you try to stay neutral because access to certain types of equipment are unlocked along the path only if good or bad. At this point, the maximum is 50, host of missions including some romance, political intrigue and dramatic and choices that will influence future events.

However, although these dialogues extensive, detailed, are a new element in an MMO, they and the weaker party: the enormous amount he has turned into platitudes, the “riots” at all helped by generic verbal animations lack fluidity and variation; Moreover, in addition to stories, dialogues system was extended to absolutely any mission, which ends up bored at some point.

Once you start working at level 10 you can choose between two advanced classes, which will determine future building character. I would have preferred an opportunity to cross-class skills, at a serious cost, of course, because many times you want a skill of a class (just one), you like a lot, but you did not choose that class only for her. The game opens up even more after you get access to your ship fleet and personal, then at Flashpoint’s (dungeons, actually), PvP (Warzones or normal world, if you choose a PvP server) and battle space (a mini-arcade game, single player, where you have to destroy a certain number of enemy ships at a time).

War zones come with three types of game, somewhat in the style of FPS: Hutball – two teams tried to take possession of a ball that you can go to the opponents, Alderaan – map of domination, where everything depends on the control of three guns anti-aircraft ship to destroy the enemy; Voidstar – lap, teams attack or defend a bridge Imperial Battle Cruiser failed. Everything is random but you can not choose how to play, no one to go into battle – all players are automatically taken to the 49.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is trying to address and appreciate MMO players, but not the online via companions. To a maximum of six, they can use for collecting resources (a good way to cut the continuum specific grinding these games) or to help you fight an indispensable help when you go about level 20. Developing relationships with carers can be good or bad, at its low reacting to your actions (somewhat in the style of Kotor) and even bring their own missions, although not so developed their own narrative lines such as those in Dragon Age.

And yes, you can play by myself mostly, but gathering in groups is necessary if you want to be successful in elite areas, where missions have Heroic or if you want to shorten the head boss present on each planet. Even if the specific MMO is not much different from WoW, you get to fight and skills you feel part of the Star Wars universe and not just because of the abundance of specific lightsaber with their buzzing.

Famous sites (Nar Shaddaa from Korriban to) typical races (fortunately, no Gungan so far) and excellent soundtrack contributes to the atmosphere, in addition to the thrill given by a well placed Lightning and all myriad of offensive or defensive forces. Open worlds like Alderaan and Tatooine graphics are pretty trivial, but at least provide breathing space and the illusion of freedom of movement, unlike Coruscant Nar Shaddaa and full of corridors over corridors.

Technically, in a game of this size could not be no different bugs and balancing issues. The last event on Ilum, quickly resolved by a patch shows that are still a lot of polishing, however, I had lag, I did not wait 100 years into a PvP zone. Interface might become too small for the pile but the skills inventory upgrades are pretty expensive, I could change keys too my taste, and a macro can not speak yet. Beyond all this, the experience of Star Wars: The Old Republic is fun, has a “flavor” Star Wars that many childhood accompanied us, but do not look for a revolution. Star Wars: The Old Republic uses mechanisms already classic MMO, but puts over a story that will motivate you and is likely to be about the last game to people willing to give money to at least medium term.

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