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Trine 2

How about playing a fairy tale? About each game set in a fantastic environment tries to answer this question, but few really succeed. They all stuck in statistics, messages forced, “realism”, claims to maturity and other details that do not make sense in a fairy tale. But there are games that did not have these problems, Trine 2 being one of them. I think I could say the same thing about its predecessor, but my memories of a cluster between rats played demo of Drakensang The Dark Eye is very fluffy, possibly in bloom, though I use TDE was about to expire. What I can remember was a colored games, with a narrator, a thief dressed in a white very impractical, a wizard he was sleeping more and a very sharp-witted warrior not. I remember the puzzles that are used in physics, a pleasant atmosphere and burning of savannah in a failed attempt to write my name in fire. Although it is possible that the last was in Far Cry 2. In memory of a few hours of Trine 2 something fresh in my mind, I try to tell this tale.

Once upon a time was a stunning graphics engine. One able to make each stage of each level in a picture. Nor felt I was in a game was like sailing through a set of very nice artistic pictures made, every step accompanied by a music simply enchanting, although the fight I rather irritating. Landscapes of the story is run in background while running my mission to save the land.

Sunlight is overlap among the distant towers, among the leaves of trees, clouds and radiates a dazzling light, but so charming that almost made me go over very poor quality image of the background itself. It was not the graphics settings, I was able to run it completely full with only modest chance that your video card to burst into flames, fan often giving the news by zorzonitul or Sufletel was trying with all plastic or cool old R520 . You probably will not notice that I am working on, because not everyone has that unhealthy obsession to look like a hungry hawk in the sky and the clouds texture, like a mouse would be lame.

No decrease in the atmosphere, because rarely will be occasions in which attention will be drawn to that background, and if you forget it-_-, not shown. Graphics is a very layered, so far the plan will not even so much interest, there is not even one in the catacombs and dungeons claustrophobia. There are so many decorations that stretch from horizon to beyond the game, like trying to jump in front of you. It is no coincidence that the game comes with its own settings for stereoscopic 3D. Regrettably, it has options for 3D anaglyphic, or as he would tell us that using 3D colored glasses, so I could enjoy the game in three dimensions. Although, I’m glad he did not have this option, because the natural color of the game is splendid. But if you never use the 3D function, and may cause irritation in some moments perspective. It can sometimes be difficult to determine the exact position of an object in space. If the same plan with you, if you can interact with it, even if the edge of my face is there or will change their position after two steps anymore. Does not happen too often, but I fell into a river of lava a couple times because of it.

Fortunately, Trine 2 is very forgiving. There is no notion of “game over” concept does not exist or losing. You have some bumps on your way, but nothing is irreversible, nothing is sorit destruction. When a character dies, you can instantly change any of the other two. You will not revive fixed in the same place, but very close. And when you die all three will return just the latest of numerous and very frequent point of rescue, not even to be reset progress. Being too eager to resume a complex puzzle from the beginning every time I died for good fixed at the end, this last feature I enjoyed very much. Is valid and battles with the bosses of the game. T

hey may be not many in number, but you can fight with them peacefully, knowing that you will not lose. Can you say that this will decrease the difficulty of the game and the voltage. Maybe you’re right in terms of difficulty, the tension will ensure that they remain the same. Decreases but a lot of frustration, and after all, is a fairy tale. What would have been if instead Greuceanu beat him half-man-riding-a-half-rabbit-lame, drank the water as death and would be turned into a pig? Not very pleasant, I assure you. Especially when those sections came from one level to the power of the mind and imagination were given away in favor of quick reflexes and luck.

There are many, but enough that someone slower, as I have problems. Although not entirely my fault. We used mouse and keyboard to play, leaving hunk of plastic vibrating when I realized that Amadeus had to draw his magic bow and aim it had Zoya using a finger. Up to a certain point everything was fluid, but when I started to bounce, the situation has prevented the nose plunged in noroiu, then would rise, to clean, and looked around embarrassed, as if moving on did not nothing had happened. Control you have over jumps is not 100% accurate, especially when it comes to fungi that can amplify the altitude and near other areas.

Here it enters as a factor and that ambiguity concerning the position of surfaces in three dimensions because of the perspective. No not really animations help the thieves were rocking those comically bizarre and defiant of physics. But usually it works properly, those of living plants are very well made. I have not encountered serious problems prevailing in Trine 2, in any case certain to ruin the experience. Occasionally a difficult, but I’m saving points.

The puzzles do not involve precise platform jumps that appear and disappear in an instant, while rivers of acid and icicles fall from the sky, are much more pleasant. These involve physical, balancer, as in that game portals full of portals and many pitfalls to be avoided. Solving them is fun, especially because not a single solution. In a style similar to the Portal, if you somehow think that you can pass a level in a different way than intended, even you could do. It was at one time a room that had two roads that I could take. One went up, and one right. We decided to go up, by invoking the Amadeus of boxes that I can climb. Got there and saw a rescue point.

Curious, I went down and took the road that went right. There I found a lever that down a platform that could easily climb to the point of saving early. This was the solution to where I could not claim more than a box of Amadeus. The game will have solutions for all puzzles relatively independent abilities that are the characters, so the native, such as swinging on a rope packs of thieves or invoking the wizard, and those that can be acquired along the way. More specifically, the level you will still find some magic balls or bottles that are collected once in number 50, will generate a point. This point can be spent in a tree’s talents will allow Amadeus to invoke several boxes or levitate enemies. Thief Zoya will allow ice to fire arrows, fire or become invisible.

And allows the knight Pontius hammer throw, to handle a sword of fire and run in speed, clearing the screen of enemies. To acquire these skills, you must be inventive and carefully, to collect all the shiny stuff levels. The game does not have this claim occasionally not pretend to have all the characters live, so we offer possible solutions pemtri almost any situation. But if you tried to gain additional skills, you will find numerous ways you can go through the levels. Although generally matters to take his ability to invoke Amadeus to 4 items, you will facilitate more life if you do not like default solution.

Because of the nature of the free part of the largest puzzles me is hard to judge the difficulty. I know there were some that I had no idea how to solve them directly as was probably intended by the manufacturer, so I started knitting magic cards and boxes until we get where I wanted. The feeling is extremely nice, because you should not guess the logic designer often obscure, but I can use brute force abuse of physics to reach my goal.

I would not say I cheated, just that sometimes we tested resilience rules of the game. And how cooperative they are more players controlling one character at a time, the number of possible ways to complete a challenge explodes. In large terms, was a fun experience, peppered occasionally small problems like collision and sequences that require more work than I would have preferred. But the game know when those moments arise, so that after a difficult puzzle, I Slam before a fight against a wave of goblins, which are hardly a threat.

From time to time a boss appears, too, one that must be defeated by a puzzle, and some through direct combat, as the last, a huge dragon that love earrings. Except that last confrontation, and enemies that require solving a puzzle, battles can become repetitive. Do not have enough fun factor high. At least give them something to do worthy knight Pontius, who rarely show their usefulness in completing levels. If there is something to shield or protect the team is even better as ballast.

Trine May 2 has a story, fairy tale or not. Land is again in danger, nature goes awry and goblins are the ruins of old castles havoc. Souls artifact called Trine, he again called together the three heroes, pushing them to the source of evil, the goblin king, and the two princesses of a forgotten kingdom. It’s a fairly simplistic adventure, evil must be defeated, the lady must be saved, and each hero gains a reward for effort. Zoya is enriched with a gold crown that sat on the head of a goblin; Pontius save water and takes on a magical kingdom that will make the potatoes to grow bigger than him, and Amadeus will be able to return home to his wife, which is hiding in the early game.

Nothing happens for the three heroes radical, there is no revealed disturbing about their past, is only an adventure in which they, along with the player participated, had fun, and then went our separate ways. Tale is long enough, I could not tell you exactly how I did not count, but it was certainly longer than some more expensive FPS released this year. Duration is variable however, depending on how much you want to pick each glossy sphere.

I had fun playing Trine 2, if time would allow me, I would continue to travel from one end to another in cooperative mode. It’s a very relaxing game, except the little moments from the end, when sequences that require dexterity difficulty increases significantly. More importantly, is a fairy tale and reminds you that every step, whether you’re in a sleepy town in frozen caverns in flooded catacombs, dark cave, in swamps or in the heart of a volcano poisoned. You feel as if you were not in front of a computer, because neighbors and spent asleep, but rather as if you dozed off on the keyboard and have dreamed of a fantasy world filled with danger, adventure and fun.

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