Why Does My Computer Make Loud Noises?

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After a while, you will notice that the computer case starts making some annoying and strange noises. Unfortunately, this kind of sounds will increase in time, making it sound like an engine. In some cases, the computer works smoothly, but a ‘crazy’ noise strikes suddenly.

If you ever had the curiosity to open up your computer, you will notice a lot of empty space. The common components, found in all computers are the motherboad, chips, electronic circuits, as well as the CPU ( with a fan ) and the power supply.

You will also notice the hard drive, maybe a DVD player, and a floppy drive ( which is not the case anymore, with newer computers ). You will also find a lot of cables going from the power supply to the motherboard, and others that connect the motherboard to the drives.

The motherboard inside the computer it’s a very quiet component, as well as the cables, too. The bad news is that your hard drive can break, and begins to sound odd. This behavior appears after the disk inside the hard drive is damaged, or malfunctions.

When a hard drive is broken, it will ‘announce’ you by making strange noises, and odd clicks, like absolutely everything is falling apart. Another common problem is the fan inside the machine, which can fail because of dust or wear.

In the computers case you will find at least 2 fans and one of them is stuck to the CPU ( processing unit ). Let me tell you that the CPU works at very high temperatures, so it has to be cooled in some way, right? If this fan will ever stop, you’r computer can overheat and never work again.

The power supply found in a computer has a very big fan, specially built to keep it nice and cool. Unfortunately, this kind of fans will collect all the dirt from your room, for example. Bad news is that this will eventually break your fan.

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