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Once again, due to the kindness of the guys from, we managed to pull another free contest for you guys. Like we did for Starcraft 2, Heroes of Newerth, Halo Reach, Company of Heroes Online, Medal of Honor and many others ( I can’t remember them all ), we launch today our own World of Tanks beta key giveaway. This will be a little different, as we were given lots of beta keys, so anybody who signs up will get one.

To register on our competition, all you have to do is to complete some easy steps, found bellow. They will mainly ask you to register for our daily newsletter. The World of Tanks beta key giveaway will last until the release date of the game, on October 30th 2010. The game is only available on PC’s and it will be free to play. To get an early start, sign up now.

Regarding the game itself, World of Tanks is the first game of its kind. It introduces a nice concept, where you play as a tank, in the World War II. There are currently over 150 models, carefully designed by historical facts. You can choose your side, by playing with a Soviet Union, German or American vehicle. As the game advances, you can buy upgrades for your tank, choosing its own destiny: to become a light and fast machine, or a true heavy monster that spreads fire everywhere.

Although this sounds a bit lonely, the gameplay is actually based on team cooperation. You enter in a massive team, only to battle against the other team ( like the Red vs Blue concept in Halo Reach ). You cannot succeed without having the best team around. They will need to help you in some epic tank clashes, where you go face to face with history, trying to achieve what our elders did.

Ranked as an ice breaking MMORPG, World of Tanks is currently in the closed beta phase. That means you will need an access code to join the play. We are here to erase this rule, by spreading away invites like wildfire. Here is what you have to do, in order to smash some iron.

World of Tanks Logo

World of Tanks Logo

Status: Opened until October 30 2010: 2000 keys available.

Update: those who sign up here, will receive a premium Valentine tank (that will remain in player’s garage after the release) .

How to join the World of Tanks free beta key giveaway

  1. Click here and enter your email address to subscribe to our daily newsletter (NO SPAM!).

  2. Click here and enter your email address again.

  3. Go to World of Tanks registration page .

  4. Fill in the simple registration form and input the beta key you received below.

  5. Confirm your registration.

  6. Download the game, install and join tense online warfare!

Good luck to you all.

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