Next-gen Xbox To Be Named Xbox 8

Xbox 8

Rumor has it that Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox will see the light of day next year. New reports say that the new Microsoft video gaming console will not be named Xbox 720.

Instead of calling their next console Xbox 720, how the media anticipated, the Redmond-based compnay will launch the “Xbox 8″ or “Infinity,” a device that will be six times more powerful than the current Xbox 360, writes The console will be launched in the winter holidays season of 2013.

Considering Microsoft’s desire to integrate all their products and services in a single ecosystem, it’s understandable why the next Xbox will be named Xbox 8.

Moreover, Microsoft already started to acquire a series of internet domains for their products. According to Fusible, Microsoft already started to secure the domains related to the launch of their next video gaming console:,,,,,,,, and, currently owned by other companies or individuals.

Microsoft is reportedly ready to launch an Xbox console running on Windows 8, of course, with an interface adapted for the device.

The gadget will have a spectacular hardware configuration. The video gaming console will feature a Blu-ray reader, 1080p video rendering and 3D out. The system will be underpinned by a chipset with 6 to 8 ARM x86 cores clocked at 2 GHz.

The Xbox 8 will offer a complete multimedia experience, allowing the users to run games, apps, watch movies, listen to music and even navigate on internet and access their favorite social networks.

The new console will almost completely eliminate the game-pads, therefore Xbox 8 will be controlled with voice commands and gestures. It will also have improved security, with a feature that allows face recognition.

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