Download Counter Strike (CS) 1.6 Free Download, Full Version

Counter Strike is, without a trace of a doubt, the most popular First Person Shooter (FPS) in the world. Counter Strike was the game that stood behind professional leagues around the world, it revolutionized the way multiplayer is played and started a whole movement.

While Counter Strike is free to download and use, you have to own a genuine version of Half Life. This is because Counter Strike is not a stand-alone game. Instead, it is a game modification (MOD) for Half Life.

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Free
Download Counter Strike 1.6 Free

In Counter Strike, two teams (the terrorists and the counter-terrorists) against each other in an array of scenarios. A match can be won by two means: kill all the members of the opposing team or accomplish the objective for that map. This is what makes Counter Strike the fascinating game that it is: it’s not only about getting the frags, it’s actually more playing intelligently to rescue the hostages / keep them under your threat until time runs out, bomb a site / protect that site, etc.

Counter Strike 1.6 is the CS version that received the best feedback from both casual and pro gamers. This is why we thought we made this free Counter Strike 1.6 download article, providing both the free CS 1.6 download link, as well as some basic info about the game.

This Counter Strike download is a Steam installer. If you have a genuine version of Half Life, the Steam installer will work just fine and install Counter Strike 1.6 on your computer.

P.S. : Just as a subjective, personal and completely inappropriate side note, if you like shooting up things, you might as well do it up in the sky. If that sounds cool, give the Wings Of Prey free demo a try. You can find the link, along with additional info here.