iPhone 5 Screen Will Be Definitely Larger, 4 Inches Minimum

It won’t be long until the next-generation iPhone will be launched and people are trying to guess how it will look like. An interesting piece of news is surfing the web today and according to some sources Apples has made an order to their suppliers is Asia for smartphone screens. The interesting thing is that the screens are bigger than the ones manufactured until now.

The displays are due to be produced beginning next month and they seems to measure minimum 4 inches which is bigger that the screen of the iPhone 4S. To be honest I’ve been expecting this move from Apple because it remained the only major smartphone maker without a device with a display above 3.5 inches. Being a little bigger, the iPhone 5 will be more attractive to the potential customers. Lets face it, Apple needs to make a change because the american company has been surpassed by South Korean Samsung which became number 1 in the sell phone makers top in Q1 of 2012. Plus, Samsung just announced its new flagship device that has no less than 4.8 inches being a phone with one of the largest displays ever built.

Since 2007 when the first model of iPhone first appeared, Apple has never modified its display size keeping it a 3.5-incher all the way. Sources are saying that Apple with several screen manufacturers for the new iPhone which will probably be named iPhone 5. The companies seem to be South Korean LG, Japanese Sharp and Japan Display Inc., a brand new company which was created not long ago by the government and three different Japanese companies.

When it comes to tablets, all the iPad models have the same size comparing to other makers which rely on diversity. According to a Wall Street Journal report that appeared a couple of months ago, Apple has been putting tablet computers to the test that had displays smaller that the standard iPad 9.7-inch screen. When an Apple representative was asked about the matter he refused to make any comments. The smartphone category appeared in 2007 when Apple launched its first iPhone. However, things changed after that when the market evolved is a very fast way and now we have a bunch of smartphones produces by various companies and with different sizes. Some of them are flagships smartphones, others cheaper, but one thing is clear, smartphones are created for everyone who wants one.

Apple, the company which is considered the most valuable in the branch, is seriously challenged by Samsung, which offers a more diversified range of devices. If we put the two companies together we will realize that they produce more than half of the smartphones sold worldwide. Strategy Analytics a market research company specifies that in the quarter through March Apple shipped 35.1 million iPhones grabbing a 24.1% share of the global market. On the other hand, Samsung has even bigger numbers with 30.6% share and 44.5 million smartphones.

Samsung’s shipments are expected by analysts to double, while Apple’s shipments would also be boosted thanks to the release of the iPhone 5.

Samsung announced that its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S 3, will be available in the stores of Europe the current month, and this summer it will arrive in the United States as well. It sure that the Samsung Galaxy S 3 will have a great success considering that it has a larger screen than the company’s current top smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S 2. The 4.8inch screen will certainly be appealing to customers. Moreover, HTC – the Taiwanese phone maker already has various models of smartphones with displays larger than 4 inches, so it’s going to be tough for Apple to get back on track.

An analyst at Mizuho Investors Securities called Nobuo Kurahashi thinks that even if Apple will launch the new iPhone with a larger screen, it’s not because the company is trying to do what its competitors are doing. He continues with saying that even if he smartphone market is not what it used to be and has become more diverse, the iPhone still remains the device that sets the agenda. Also, Nobuo Kurahashi claims that Apple’s every move us being watched by the rest of the industry and the strength lies in its interface, apps and overall experience, and Apple doesn’t rely so much on the size of the screen. I must admit that I don’t agree with him, but hey, it’s free world and everybody can say anything even if it’s not true.

The analysts added that a sign that Apple is affected by the market chances would be if the company would launch a lower-priced iPhone.

Still, the iPhone still remains a very important device for Apple’s earnings. The first quarter was a good one for Apple, earning a lot of money, one of the reasons being the fact that the iPhone is very popular in Asia. The iPhones sales increased by 88% and the profit of the company nearly doubled.

However, Apple and Samsung are not just big rivals in the smartphone market, but they has their battles in legal terms as well. Last ear Apple sued the South Korean company over phone patents and design, and Samsung sued Apple too. This battle seemed very strange because the two giants are kinda working together. Aside from being a smartphone maker, Samsung includes component divisions as well. These divisions produce key components for tablets and smartphones like displays and chips, and Apple is actually its biggest customer for these key parts.

Like many other electronics companies, Apple does not produce its own components. Instead, it hires other firmed with are specialized in manufacturing, most of them being based in Taiwan and run their operations mostly in China. The gadgets are assembled with parts manufactured by Asian suppliers in most cases.