Best WordPress Themes for Speakers, Business & Porfessionals

Showcase Themes

Today, we want to share information about the best WordPress themes for motivational speakers. If you’re currently working as a speaker, or want to in the future, you should know that choosing one of these impressive templates for your website will help you to attract new clients. You’ll be able to create a website that impresses and sends a message of success.

As a motivativator, you need to sell yourself. The themes that we’re going to talk about today will help you to get speaking gigs and make money. They’ll also assist you with positioning yourself as an Internet expert.

SteadyIncome – Download here

This theme is a great choice for anyone who does business online and it’s particularly appropriate for a motivator. Affordable and easy to access, SteadyIncome is loaded with features. When you choose this popular template for WP, you’ll access a section for “featured products”. You”ll also get a subscription tool which is quite powerful, as well as the capacity to optimize ads.


Steady Income - Motivational Speakers Theme for WP

We love the responsive design of SteadyIncome. Also, we love the fact that it features speed optimization, as well as the fact that it may be used on an unlimited number of websites.

SteadyIncome is SEO-ready and it has everything that most marketers want and need.

Writer – Download here

This theme is also really responsive. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who writes or speaks (or both!) for a living. When you choose this design, you’ll be selecting a clutter-free template which is all about stylish simplicity. Your visitors may center on your content, rather than getting distracted by a lot of over-busy design elements.


As well, this template for writers and speakers is equipped with a trio of layouts which are pre-defined. Choose your favorite and then install it with a single click! The fonts used in this theme are so easy to read and the color palette is ideal for showcasing information about you and your speaking skills.

JustFit – Download here

If your motivational speeches focus on health and fitness, this is the WP theme that you need. JustFit is designed to help users who are involved with health and fitness to grow their online followings. When you choose this practical and attractive template, you’ll have room on your website for plenty of workouts, products and testimonials. As well, you’ll be able to maintain a blog.


Just Fit

The ultra-responsive JustFit is ideal for motivational speakers who want to show off their own level of fitness, sell fitness-related products and inspire others to hire them for speeches (or other works like life coach) which is fitness-centered.

  • Mobile ready
  • Seo optimized
  • Fully customizable
  • Dedicated control panel
  • Unlimited colors
  • Drag & Drop functionality
  • Multiple Layouts & Styles

Speakers and Life Coaches Need Pro Tools

To make money in your industry you will need to be credible. This means setting yourself apart as an expert in your field. Without an appropriate WordPress theme, it may be much more difficult for you to gain credibility and earn money. Our preferred ones have professional looks, as well as the right features. You’re building a personal brand and you need a custom template in order to boost brand recognition.

When a new visitor hits your website and sees your professional template, which offers all of the right elements, he or she will be more likely to book you for a speech or buy other products or services.

Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money. Luckily, the products that we’ve put under the spotlight today are incredibly affordable. It’s so much better to spend a small amount of money on a theme which is just right for your niche, rather than setting up a cookie-cutter template which millions of other people from all walks of life have chosen for their websites.

You must give your website a professional skin which attracts customers and helps you to build a buzz. Now that you know the best designs for motivational speakers, you’ll be ready to move forward and create the ideal image. Your website is your virtual calling card. It’s vital that it features the perfect blend of attractiveness and functionality.

Business Themes

Your online enterprise is important. It’s something that you are committed to and invested in. When you choose the right theme, you’ll be able to create a business website which really impresses visitors. Without the proper WP motif, you may not send a message of professionalism, competence and expertise. If your website doesn’t have the right look, it will make it harder to build trust and rapport.

Today, we’re going to share information about a range of pro WordPress themes and their key benefits and features. We’re sure that one of them is just right for your niche. All of these templates look fantastic and each one comes with features which make it easier to earn money online.

When you choose one of these popular and trusted designs, you’ll make it simple for your customers to buy from you and connect with you.

Business – Download Now

Business WP Theme for Enterprises

This design has the corporate look. If you want something with a clean vibe and all of the right elements, you’ll love this pro WP style. Optimized for speed, highly-responsive and completely SEO-ready, this theme is available for usage on an unlimited number of websites. It’s loaded with great features, including customization options and e-commerce support. You’ll find that this design makes it simple to convert visitors into paying customers.

eCommerce – Download Now

Ecommerce Theme Online Shop

This template looks amazing. It has a contemporary look which is very pleasing to the eye. As well, it has all of the pro-grade features that ambitious entrepreneurs want and need. When you choose eCommerce, you’ll access impressive layouts which make it easier to get conversions.

As well, you’ll access advanced features, including QuickView options and “wishlist”, which allow you to package your products to perfection, with a mind to fulfilling the needs of your clients.

This affordable design is SEO-ready, responsive and optimized for superior speed.

Builders – Download Now

Builders Theme Building Company Business

If you’re a contractor, you’ll love this design. It’s made with the needs of construction industry entrepreneurs in mind. It’s also ideal for those who sell tools for a living. Since it works for selling services or tools, it’s super-versatile. As well, it has a stunning appearance which is designed to please visitors…and to encourage them to buy!

This theme features an intelligent layout, in addition to responsive design, speed optimized and SEO-readiness. Use it on as many websites as you want.

Why a Business Needs a Pro Design

Online business is now more competitive than it’s ever been before. Even local entrepreneurs who want business within towns and cities are out there online, fighting each other for market share. In every niche, there is fierce competition and only the strong survive. Whether you’re promoting your local business online, building a personal brand or running an online company, you should know that the way your website looks and functions will be a vital piece of the Web marketing puzzle.

A great website design is the centerpiece for an effective Internet marketing campaign.

You probably already use social media to promote, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. When you post to social media, you probably include links to your website. Since all posts direct people to your website, it has to look good and have the right features. Upgrading to a pro theme is the best way to convert sales leads online.

Without a custom template from MyThemeShop, people may bounce out of your website, without getting on your email subscriber list, buying a good or service or leaving a comment.

The right website design will give you more credibility.

Also, if you’re just starting out, getting off on the right foot by choosing a premium portfolio theme will be a wise business decision that you never, ever regret. You’ll be proud of how your website looks and functions and you’ll be able to link to it every time that you promote your company elsewhere online.

Portfolio Themes

Now, we want to help you move your online business forward by showing you the very best WordPress Portfolio Themes for Professionals. These themes send a message of success! They look amazing, they’re SEO-friendly and responsive and they are designed with superb speed.

When you invest in one of these superb templates, you’ll find that getting new customers is easy. Each of the world-class WordPress designs that we’re going to discuss today is available for an affordable price though MyThemeShop.

When you buy one, you’ll be investing in your own success.

MyPortfolio – Download Now

MyPortfolio for Porfessionals Showcase

If you want to showcase your work online, you’ll find that choosing MyPortfolio is a great way to let visitors know just how talented and professional you are. This stunning template for WordPress has tons of impressive customization features, so you’ll be able to tailor the layout to your specific needs and wants. As well, you’ll find that this responsive design is fast, ready for search engine optimization and available for usage on an unlimited number of websites.

WooShop – Download Now


If you love modern design, you’ll appreciate the contemporary style of WooShop. It’s designed just for WordPress WooCommerce shops! This template offers a host of practical features, as well as a stunning look and a very responsive layout. When you choose this theme, you’ll love its professional appearance. So will prospective customers!

This template is designed to offer the ultimate in responsiveness and it’s optimized for speed. It’s also ready for SEO. Use it on as many websites as you want. WooShop is specially optimized for WooCommerce.

Corporate – Download Now

Corporate Theme

If you need something with a formal vibe, which puts the professionalism of your company front and center, then the Corporate template will be right for you. This WP template is perfect for corporations, agencies and freelancers. It’s right for anyone who wants to grow a business via a strong and positive Web presence.

When you select Corporate, you’ll be able to display your team members, show off a company portfolio and spotlight all of the experience that your business brings to the table! This template has unlimited colors, a great options panel, SEO-ready design, speed optimization and so much more!

Every Professional Needs a Portfolio

At MTS, we help online entrepreneurs of all experience levels. We love giving these ambitious entrepreneurs the tools that they need in order to connect with new customers, retain the clients that they have and build vital brand recognition.

We know that the themes we offer for sale help our valued customers to make more money online.

When you choose one of our portfolio themes today, you’ll gain credibility in no time flat. Without one of our pro templates, you may find that online visitors move onto competitor websites which do have portfolio design.

You need to convince visitors that your business is the right company for them. You need to highlight everything that makes your company stand out, whether you’re selling goods, services or a personal brand. With the right pro theme, you’ll be able to showcase talent, dedication and professionalism.

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter theme which tons of other entrepreneurs are already using. Rise above the competition by selecting one of the affordable WP designs that we offer. When you do, you’ll brand your business effectively and set the stage for conversions.

People do care about Web Design. They don’t want to hang around websites that don’t look good and fail to deliver in terms of offering the very latest features. Our elegant and responsive themes will highlight your company’s brand message to perfection.

So, why not order one today?